Alopecia could affect scalp, face (beard), eyebrows, any hairy part of skin, eye-lashes, arm-pits or pubic region

More severe it is, more parts get affected

Complete or extensive hair loss on most parts of body, called Alopecia Totalis or Universalis is not treated with success with homeopathy

Alopecia Totalis and Alopecia Universalis do not find cure in homeopathy in our experience

Alopecia Areata on the scalp is easier treated than those affecting the eye-brows, eyelashes.

Alopecia on face (barbae) is better treated as compared to large body areas

Significant Recovery From Alopecia Areata Achieved With Dr. Shah’s Homeopathic Treatment

20-years-old Ms. P. S. (PIN 17802) started with online treatment with Life Force on 21st December 2011. She was suffering from alopecia areata since the past eight years. She had an extensive patch on her scalp. She had tried several treatments with not much improvement. She also complained of dandruff and occasional itching on her scalp.

Scalp with Alopecia Areata

She had a good appetite. She liked eating non-vegetarian food items and disliked eating sweets. Her bowel movements, urine, thirst, and perspiration were normal. She enjoyed a sound sleep.

Her family consisted of her mother and two elder siblings: a brother and a sister. Her father had expired when she was a child.

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She was vindictive and short-tempered by nature. She stated herself as a jealous person, as she could not tolerate anyone getting better than her e.g. clothes, money etc. She used to feel sad whenever she would see anyone receiving better things than her.

Dr. Shah prescribed her research-based medication, after studying her case in detail.

It was explained to her that it would take a few months for her case to experience improvement, as her case was long-standing and it had spread extensively on her scalp.

She reported on 19th June 2012. The patch had not spread further and there were no new patches. In six months of the treatment, we could achieve control on further spread of the disease.

When she reported back on 9th October 2012, she had experienced a mild improvement. New small hair had started growing on the bald patch.

She reported on 7th December 2012 with a considerable improvement. There were no new patches or no further spread. The patch had reduced, and new hair had started growing.

When she reported back on 8th February 2013, she had experienced a remarkable improvement. Her patch had recovered by about 75%.

Later, she reported on 21st October 2013. Her condition was as it is. Dr. Shah upgraded her prescription.

When she reported on 5th March 2014, she was glad with her improvement. She had experienced around 90% improvement.

She is still continuing our medication for complete recovery.


Homeopathy can achieve significant positive results in cases of extensive spread of alopecia areata. The treatment needs to be taken consistently for a long period for the best results.

- Written by Dr. I. R., Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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