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Anxiety Neurosis & High Blood Pressure Treated Successfully With Homeopathy

Mr. A.G.G. (PIN 4261) has been a regular patient of Dr. Rajesh Shah for various skin disorders for the last several years.

Two years ago, he developed high blood pressure, migraine, gout, and anxiety neurosis along with depression. He was prescribed several medicines by the physician for these problems.

His blood pressure was around 150-100 mm Hg and went up to 160-110 mm Hg.

He was prescribed Aten 50 mg once per day. He was on Zyloric 150 mg per day. And, he was on tablet Trika 0.50 mg and Depranil 25 mg per day.

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The Serum Uric acid was around 8, and he had severe pain and swelling in the great toes.
His case was studied in detail.

He lived with his mother, wife, and two kids. His father had expired when he was around 18 years old. So, he had to quit his education and manage his father's business. His brothers gradually joined his business, and he taught each one of them to establish his own business.

His mother was also suffering from bipolar disorders. At one time after his father’s death, he could not afford to treat her in private hospitals. At that time, he had to admit her to the government hospital, where the doctors were very supportive. The patient never forgot their kindness in the last 15 years. Even though he has become quite wealthy, still he has maintained contact with the government psychiatric ward and he donates money to those families who cannot afford medicines and treatment. His phone number is available in the ward today as well. Whenever the staff feels it’s necessary, they recommend his help for a deserving family. He is known for his kind-heartedness.

His mother continued to suffer. She was very malicious by nature, and she would trouble his wife. His wife was a simple girl from the native place and she was not aware of such behavior. His mother tortured her a lot. She would criticize his wife and abuse her verbally, till a point that his wife too suffered from major depressive disorders. His wife required heavy doses of anti-depressants. As soon as she recovered a bit, his mother would again quarrel and make her depressed. The patient’s brothers refused to keep the mother in their home. The patient’s wife was very religious. She accepted the responsibility to take care of his mother, despite the torture.

All these issues affected the patient badly. He could not understand why his own mother harassed his wife. Despite financial success, he remained unhappy. (Finally, he brought his wife to Dr. Rajesh Shah for the treatment and Dr. Shah cured her).

Mr. A.G.G. was of average built. He had a marked craving for sweets and spicy food. He was more tolerant to the cold weather.

Dr. Shah reviewed his case in detail and prescribed Staphysagria 30 C and, later on, a frequent dose of 200C. The patient also required Lycopodium and Thuja 200 C.

The patient has had prolonged treatment as he had severe stress, which would lead to many of his complaints.

His blood pressure was regularly monitored by us.

He stayed nearby and would visit our clinic almost every month. Gradually, his blood pressure started reducing. It would be 140/80 mm Hg, 135/85 mm Hg, and within the normal range of 120-80 mm Hg to 140/80 mm Hg.

He would say, ‘Just by meeting Dr. Shah, I gather the courage to face my life.’.

In two years of the treatment, we could normalize his blood pressure and he never required any anti-hypertensive. He was able to cope with the stress in his life in a better way with the help of homeopathy. His uric acid became normal and he could discontinue Tab Zyluric. He could discontinue all his medicines for anxiety and depression.

The couple recently went on a Europe tour on Dr. Shah’s suggestion. They are both in the pink of health.


This case highlights that homeopathy is quite effective in treating anxiety, depression, and high blood pressure problems successfully and safely without any side-effects. Homeopathy also eliminates your dependency on antihypertensives and medications for anxiety neurosis.

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