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Three years old child could get rid of steroid dependent Asthma with the help of homeopathy.

Mast. C.H.T, aged three years, (Patient Identification Number 14895), was suffering from Asthma since 6-7 months. He would get severe attacks of cold, cough and breathlessness once in a month and each attack would last for 4-6 days.

His complaints would increase in the humid weather. He had been given Omnacortil (corticosteroid) syrup 3 ml thrice a day for 3-4 days during each episode. He was put on Budecort puff twice a day since last 5 days and it was advised to continue for next six months.

Acute episode of his Asthma was under control with steroids but it was not helping to prevent the relapse. His parents did not want him to take steroid puff for next six months and were trying to find some alternatives. They came to know about Life Force through the internet.

They brought Master C.H.T to Life Force on 28th September 2010. His case details were taken and the child was examined. There was chest congestion and audible ronchi.(weezing)

He had family history of Asthma. His father was also a patient of Asthma.

He had good appetite with strong liking for sweets. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. He would feel more comfortable in cold environment. There was profuse perspiration on his head. His sleep was sound but it would get disturbed during the acute attacks of Asthma.

Mast. C.H.T was playful child. He would easily mix with his peer group. He was very restless; would never sit at one place. He was curious, always wanted to learn new things. During acute attacks of Asthma, he would become irritable and dull.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Rajesh Shah and research based medicines along with his constitutional medicines were prescribed. He gave his first feedback on 28th October 2010. There was no change in his complaints. Intensity and frequency of his complaints were the same. He was continuing Budecort twice a day. It was advised to taper use of Budecort puff. His feedback was studied and the medicines were upgraded.

On 3rd December 2010, he reported 10-120% improvement in his Asthma. Use of Budecort was reduced to once a day since last 1month. He had acute episode of cold cough once, but the intensity of complaints were reduced by 10-20%. He did not require steroids during that episode. This was a turning point, and his parents were happy about it.

In his further follow up on 6th May 2011, there was 50% improvement in his Asthma. The frequency of his episodes was reduced to once in two months. On examination, his chest was clear. He did not require Budecort puff. He was given anti-allergic syrup during the acute episodes.

On 18th August 2011, his parents reported increase in his Asthma. His complaints would always get worse in humid climate. But the intensity of his complaints was less as compared to first time. His parents again started giving him Budecort puff once a day since last 15 days. He was getting cough with thick expectoration and breathlessness. His case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and further medicines were prescribed.

On 30th September 2011, he reported 40-50% improvement. He had stopped Budecort puff since last ten days.

He showed continuous improvement in all his further follow ups. By 18th April 2012, he was almost 90% better. He was getting episodes of cold, cough but breathlessness was not there. He did not require any puff or steroids. His parents were happy to get rid of steroids.

Hypersensitive Airway Disorders are commonly treated with oral and inhaled steroids, however homeopathy can help to relieve this severe condition.

The acute episodes require conventional medicines, however homeopathy is essential to prevent recurrences. A balanced combination can help tide over the acute episodes and prevent relapses.


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