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In one year, she was free of recurrent respiratory infections...


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A 9 years old child, Miss S. N. (patient reference number: L-5432), was brought to the clinic for complaints of Asthmatic bronchitis. She would get cold, cough, fever and breathlessness every month. She would require frequent nebulization. Her complaints would take 3-4 weeks to improve despite nebulization and antibiotics.

She was not gaining weight; her weight was the same since the last one year.

She was looking sick and malnourished.

Her case was studied in detail.

She was a lean girl. She was sensitive to cold weather, rainy season. Her symptoms would increase after drinking refrigerated water and food. She could not tolerate curds and sour food. Her cough would increase after packed food, wafers, icing of cake, etc. if her food contained tamarind, she would immediately develop cough and breathlessness.

She was an adopted girl. She was very calm and sincere. She was studious and always stood first in her class. She perspired profusely. She also had sweat on her palms and soles.

Her sleep was good. Her appetite was reduced. She liked spicy food.

She stayed with her parents and brother. She had good relations with every one.

All her symptoms started after her grandfather passed away. She was very attached to her grandmother.

Dr Shah examined her and prescribed Antim Tart 200 C, followed by Silica 200 C. She also required Tuberculinium 1M.

She visited the center after five weeks, she was much better. There was complete recovery in her colds, cough and breathlessness.

She could do without nebulizers.

Dr Shah made suitable enhancement in her treatment.

In the next follow up she mentioned that she got colds twice, associated with cough, however, she did not get breathlessness.

Gradually the symptoms of breathlessness vanished totally and she would only get cold and cough. With regulation in her treatment, the intensity and frequency of cough also reduced substantially. She would only report of colds.

Gradually the intensity and frequency of colds also reduced very well.

In one year, she was free of recurrent respiratory infections.

This is an ideal cure. The disease exteriorized gradually. The allergy was first involving the lower respiratory tract. Then it was restricted to the upper respiratory tract and finally only the nasal mucosa was affected. Finally she was completely free from the disease.

Ideally in these cases, if one recovers by 90-95 %, one must be satisfied, as some hypersensitivity may still remain. If the colds improve and the asthma remains, then that is not the proper direction of recovery.

(Uploaded on 7th Oct by Dr. MDJ)

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