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18 months old female child whose parents had availed of the online treatment for her complaints of Atopic dermatitis since the age of 4 months.

This is a case of Ms. R. M. (Patient Ref. No. 4869) 18 months old female child whose parents had availed of the online treatment for Atopic dermatitis, which she had since the age of 4 months. She would develop reddish eruptions with very intense itching and her skin had turned extremely dry esp. over her chin, elbows, neck region and leg folds. All her complaints would get all the more worse in rains and whenever she would eat corns, strawberries and peaches.

Also this child was not a very good eater. She was fussy about food, but there was a marked desire for rice, oranges and apples. She would be comfortable in cold climate usually. She was very lean child by constitution.

Most of the times, she was very playful and happy. Not being fussy about things. She was rather anxious and curious.

There was a strong history of diabetes in the family, high blood pressure and thyroid disorders were common both on her maternal as well as paternal side. She had taken homeopathic treatment in the past, but there was no substantial improvement in her skin with the medication. She was even treated with some local creams and ointments which would only offer temporary relief.

Based on the detailed analysis of her case, she was prescribed Mezereum 200 with a single dose of Psorinum 1M. After a period of 4 months when the parents reported about her progress, her Atopic Dermatitis was better by 85%. The eruptions on her body had healed and now there were no signs of any new eruptions coming up. The itching was effectively controlled and her skin, which was initially very dry, had smoothened to a great extent. Her appetite had also improved considerably with the medicines.

Remarks: This case speaks of the success of homeopathy in treating chronic and deep seated skin ailments like Atopic dermatitis, with a modern and wise approach, whereby it works wonders and brings about cure in the most safe and gentle manner.


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