Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema) in babies and adults results from Immunological war, inside the body

It is un-wise to treat from outside by Cortisone cream

The whole idea of suppressing skin diseases by external use of Cortisone is ridiculous

It makes the disease more difficult to treat

Incredible Recovery From Extensive Baby Eczema

A one-year-old baby, Baby. Z.S. from Dubai (PIN: 18734) was suffering from Atopic dermatitis since her age of 2 months. So, her parents opted for online homeopathic treatment under Dr. Shah in February 2011. She had severe erythematous eczematous patches on her back, cubital fossa, cheeks, hands, and popliteal fossa along with severe itching, and she would scratch it until it would bleed. Her eczema was masked by the use of Momate (steroid) ointment and she was on Atarax (Anti-histamine) and application of Iricar (homeopathic cream).

She was underweight and suffered from Neonatal jaundice in the past.

The dietary restrictions had been explained to the patient’s parents. They were advised to observe whether their baby had any food allergies. For instance, if she develops a rash or her dermatitis increases after having a particular foodstuff, they need to avoid it. She was allowed to eat all kinds of nuts, as no particular increase in lesions was observed after the intake of nuts. (Usually, many of patients of Atopic dermatitis are advised to avoid nuts). She was advised to avoid sour fruits, such as sour oranges, grapes, and unripe mangoes, as it used to increase her itching.

Her case was analyzed by Dr. Shah and he prescribed Calcarea Phosphorica-30 to the patient.


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On 12th March 2011, the patient's father called up and informed that the patient was experiencing severe itching, however, the lesions were stable. It was advised to continue the same medicines, as an untimely change in the medicines can disturb the action of medicines which have been taken so far.

On 5th May 2011, in her first follow-up after 3.5 months of medicines, she was better by 20%-30%. Her eczematous patches were healing, and the itching had reduced.

On 26th September 2011, the patient visited the Life Force clinic for the first time. After comparing the pictures of her skin before & after the treatment, it was found that the patient had very severe eczema which was much better with the 8 months of homeopathic treatment at Life Force.

All her active lesions were healed. The only concern of the patient’s parents was her post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation which was left after healed lesions and severe itching. Dr. Shah prescribed Thuja occidentalis along with Calcarea phosphorica for 4 months to the patient.

Baby Z.S was responding well to the medicines and gradually her skin was turning to normal skin texture. However, in October 2012, she experienced a relapse and her lesions were flared-up all over her body again, however, the intensity of rashes and eczema were not as severe as before.

In her next feedback on 19th February 2013, the parents of the patient informed that the patient had experienced a 30% improvement in the relief from atopic dermatitis. With the next few months of medicines, she was completely better, and Dr. Shah stopped her treatment for Atopic Dermatitis.

The patient visited the Life Force clinic again in 2016 to start the treatment for Vitiligo. She is still under treatment of Dr. Shah for her Vitiligo and is hopeful to get recovered completely from Vitiligo too.



The above case illustrates that homeopathy is beneficial in treating atopic dermatitis in all age groups. Homeopathy is strongly recommended for skin conditions in children for a safe and gentle recovery.


(Written by Dr. Mithila K, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, MD (Hom))



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