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S. S., USA

I am very pleased I see an improvement in the spot. They are not spreading any more and i see they are now fading up. Hope it will fix soon. The disease process has slowed down for sure, I have confidence in you that it will vanish. I can see re -pimentation in the existing spots. They are filling from outside towards inside. Thanks for all of your support and help.

Liri Alibali, Albania

I`m Pranvera, the daughter of Liri Alibali, with patient identification number 18382. My mother was diagnosed with Lichen Planus in February 2010. She used cortisone and some superficial medicines, but no improvement happened. I wanted to know more about Lichen Planus, because we all, as a family, were suffering with her. While I was looking on internet, praise God, I found you. In the beginning was difficult to understand how you work by internet, but we need to contact you. After our first contact everything was easy and worked in a perfect way. My mother is taking your medicines since 24 November 2010. She is so good now and we all are very happy to see her in this good condition. Lichen Planus is much better now, but we think that your drugs taken of you have done very well throughout her organism. My mom feel stronger, more versatile, younger, makes a peaceful sleep and she is very happy to have you and your marvelous medicine. For us, is a great pleasure to help you somehow an


naltrexone in pregnancy d we give you the permission to use my mom`s name in the literature you are preparing to promote homeopathy, showing that my mom has used it successfully, because that is very true. Thank you very much dr. Shah. You are a great doctor and you have a great staff. God bless you all! Best regards, Pranvera Kosta


Mother of J. H., USA

Phenomenal improvement since starting your medicine, my son went from frequent relapses and high dosage of prednisone (14 ml every day) to zero relapse and down to 3 ml prednisone every other day. There is still improvement since the last prescription of your medicine. The biggest improvement we have noticed now that is even with such a heavy cold it has not relapsed, his protein stays negative. In fact there has been zero relapse approximately since September 08 with your medicine I believe with your treatment we shall be successful without any relapses ever.


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