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R. D. M, USA

My hair seems to be falling less and has filled out a bit. The medicine has made at least a 50% improvement. The hair loss has definitely slowed down. All my best wishes to Dr. Shah and his team, it’s his treatment which is helping me out from my problem.

K.A., india

I, KA, Urticaria, pondicherry, india. I was suffering from urticaria rash since last almost 7 years. I was put on daily doses of Antihistamines like zyncet for it. I would develop rashes with severe itching and burning and the wheals were a daily event which occurred 5-6 times per day with each episodes lasting for 10 minutes. I would be fed up with the itching and burning and it was affecting my routine life as well as I couldn’t concentrate in my work. Within 3 months of starting the treatment, there was 20% of improvement in my urticaria, intensity reduced, frequency slowed down and I could stop taking an anti-histamine and took it only when the situation got out of control which was a rare occurrence now after the treatment. 6 months have passed now; my treatment has been going on pretty good. There are no wheals, no itching and burning. I have responded very well to the treatment and have been able to keep myself away from any anti histamine. Thankfully to Dr Shah I am leading an Urticaria free life and am doing very well in my job.

Mrs. Verma, U.K

My migraine did not allow me to do my daily chores. I was introduced to Dr Shah through a friend. I started with homeopathy. My migraine is 99% gone! I do not know how to thank Dr Shah and homeopathy. Mrs. Verma, 42 years old housewife cum part time office executive, approached us for the treatment of Migraine since about four years. It coincided with irregular menses and hence the doctors related it with hormonal cycles. Her headaches were almost every second day, lasting a full day, if no pain killers taken. If she takes pain killers, she would feel drowsy, irritable and could not work. She opted for pain killers only if pain was intolerable. Her headaches come more in the noon, worse by stress, worse before the menses, worse empty stomach, worse with a fight with her husband. She wound not stand sun light, sweets, loud noise, children shouting, etc. Her emotional life suggested some long term grievances with her (second) husband, and bitterness in the first relation. Based on the entire case history, a suitable homeopathic remedy was selected, (name not stated here to discourage self-medication by readers); which was prescribed and her ase was followed up every six months. At the end of the first six weeks, her headaches were more than 50% better. “These were the best days in last five years,” she admitted. Further three months of treatment made her almost free from all pain killers. She was more cheerful and happier. Her headaches were almost gone by the end of ten months of treatment.


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