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    Dr Shah's breakthrough research in animal model:
    Homeopathy is as effective as pain-killers

    Research conducted at Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT).  



S. H., USA

The white spot under my nostril is completely gone. The larger white spot on upper lip has shrunk and is almost gone. I am having dark spots on the back of my calfs and ankles on both legs. With treatment, color comes back and no new spots come.

Darleen Perkins, Alexandria, USA

I have responded GREAT...within 12 hours of the treatment my urticaria was better by 50%... within next 36 hours the urticaria was treated 100%. Your treatment was a miracle cure for me!! I cannot thank Dr. Shah enough for my little bottle... after 18 years of suffering, it feels WONDERFUL to live a normal life once again!! I tell everyone I know about your center, in hopes of helping someone else. I cannot thank you enough for the life you have given me!!!

T. E., Egypt

I feel better with the treatment. There is an imporvement of 30 %. The severity has reduced and i am feeling good. Urticaria is not triggered at night most of the time as it was triggered anytime before treatment, mostly it attacks me only one-twice perday now ..while earlier it could attack me many manytimes before treatment ....duration is medium to small, the intensity been reduced but moving from a part of my body to another. ...but i have seen an over all improvement ..and wish to get rid of it totally ..


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