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G. M., India

I, GM, from India, Pin number: 15185, suffering from Psoriasis since I was 10 years of age. It was so old that I had almost learnt to live with it. The itching, flaking and redness on the skin all over the body was like a part of my daily life. I tried lots of treatment including steroids but there was no relief in my condition. I read about Psoriasis treatment in Dr Shah's site and feeling encouraged reading about other patients experience I started treatment with Dr. Rajesh Shah. With a treatment which went on for 9 months and is still going, I could see very good change in my condition. The itching, flaking and redness on the skin reduced by I can say 80 %. Although it's been like a process with the Psoriasis coming back in between but I would say the remissions have been longer and very comforting for me. I am still continuing the treatment but I am very confident that the Dr Shah's medicines will relieve me of my Psoriasis completely.

S. R., USA

I am much better and am living my life with much more peace than last time thanks to your medicine. My baseline anxiety is further down by about 30-40% than last time. The OCD thoughts still come though not at the same rate. I can sometimes go through the entire day with the thought coming maybe 4-5 times whereas there are also some days when they come more often. But the thing is that they do not provoke the same kind of anxiety as before. I turned to homeopathy because I knew that allopathic would not give me a cure and may indeed make me chronically dependent on allopathic drugs. I want my brain to be totally calm and free of this constant OCD noise without the aid of allopathic medicines. So I am really grateful for your medicines because you can totally cure me of this disease. Thank you so much for your medicines and I hope to see this thing through to the end with your help.

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