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H. F., USA

I have responded very well to the treatment. The bronchiectasis has showed 70% improvement. I have not had any chest infection since I started the treatment, I used to have chest infections every couple of months! I now have an occasional 'dry' cough compared to having a frequent 'wet' cough prior to treatment. I also have a little more energy. Thank you!!

P. S., France - Chalazion

My chalazion has reduced in size by 25%. I find good improvement since starting with the medicine. I still get some chalazion, but the frequency is much less than before. I have not got a new one since a year now. 

I am very satisfied with the treatment. 

Thank you Dr Shah.

T. G., USA

The treatment is going great...the vitiligo spot is subsiding and there is great progress. There is great improvement. I also did the laser treatment in the US both HOMEOPATHY AND the laser treatments together have helped. Everything is great.


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