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B. S., India

Good improvement. I have achieved almost 60 % improvement. I have observed 50% improvement overall and almost 80% improvement on my legs. Very few scaling itching and redness left. No new eruptions. Overall very good results. Thank you so much. Would like to continue with medication.

Mrs. Desai - Florida, United States - Chalazion

My son had this stye like growth on his eye lid. We were not willing to get it operated and looked around for an alternative. Dr.Shah's homeopathic treatment came to my rescue. It really worked for the Chalazion and we are happy that surgery was avoided. I strongly recommend this program all to all who have Chalazion.

M Walvekar, USA

Improvement observed in white patches. This is a rare case of PIBALDISM where patient was born with white patches on his knees and forehead. This is a congenital defect and at Life Force we have been observing significant improvement in patient’s condition. We hope that at Life Force with Dr. Rajesh Shah’s medication patient will cure completely. Experience with Life Force, especially for overseas patients like us is very pleasant!!!Click here to view original testimonial
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