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D. L., USA

The urticaria medicine is a miracle. I have been out in the sun again! I am able to do physical labor, and even be in stressful situations and no problems! I do thank GOD everyday for you and your staff in bringing us together. I�m truly thankful for everything, this is truly amazing what this medicine has done for me. Thank you Dr Shah.

I, S.S, India

I, S.S, Pin number: 6128, suffering from Urticaria. Since last 1 year I was suffering from urticaria. I would get the hives almost daily and would end up having swelling of the lips. I was experiencing severe itching with red eruptions all over the body. I was put on Antihistaminic medications for it and it was so severe that I had become dependent on antihistamines and couldn’t live without taking it. I was very sad and losing hope of ever being free from Urticaria. With in 2 months of starting with Dr Shah’s medicines, I could see positive changes in my skin condition, the frequency of urticaria remained the same and I was still getting it daily however it was less in severity. The eruptions and the redness was less. I had regained a ray of hope of getting well with this treatment. With another 4 months, there is drastic improvement in my urticaria and I do not get the hives that frequently. To my pleasant surprise I have been able to stop the antihistamines. I have regained my confidence and feel more hopeful about life.

Robinson, Shirley, Norway

My problem is going okay, I'm feeling okay. Everything is going just fine after the treatment. I am satisfied with your on-line treatment.


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