Psoriasis Testimonials

D.P., India

Great experience with Dr. Shah's LIFE FORCE. I am under treatment for Psoriasis and by this time its almost gone. It took me one year. I feel 80% cure for my disease. Thanks to Dr. Shah and team. Click here to view original testimonial
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Paresh Sheth, Mumbai

I had an excellent experience at Life Force! I was very patiently heard by all the doctors and accordingly advised. All queries were answered to my satisfaction. After 8 months, my symptoms have disappeared to the extent of 85-90%. On the whole it was a great experience and I'll recommend the 'Life Force' to other friends and relatives.Click here to view original testimonial
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V. J., India

Almost 80% improvement. Many of the spots have disappeared. Very few scattered spots are present. Scaling has reduced significantly. Many of the spots have disappeared.

S. K., USA

I have observed very good improvement related to skin rashes. My scalp is 80% clear. My back is also 85% clear. I have seen good improvement. Not on any steroids. Scaling very less on scalp and back. Itching very less. 60% less compared to Dec 2009. Overall healing 40%.

Dr S. K., India

The lesions have completely gone. 100 percent improvement.

S. T., USA

I have a good response to the treatment. The Psoriasis is getting controlled. Patches on stomach & back are gradually decreasing and in some parts they are completely gone. I can say it has improved 65%. Me and my family are thankful and grateful to you for the medicine and treatment given. I was really worried till last year but slowly i am getting back my confidence. Thanks Again Dr Shah & Team.

N. Z., USA

I noticed an incredible improvement. Psoriasis has slowed down considerably. I am so happy to see that it is working...

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Psoriasis Case Studies

Psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease (a disease with an unclear cause that is characterized by inflammation caused by dysfunction of the immune system) that causes inflammation in the body. There may be visible signs of inflammation such as raised plaques (plaques may look different for differ.....Read more

A 31-year-old male patient, Mr. C. M. (PIN: 13321) visited the Life Force clinic in February 2010 and started homeopathic treatment for his complaints of Palmo-planter psoriasis.

He was suffering from it for 1 year. The lesions of psoriasis were present on his hands and legs majorly. He.....Read more

A 28-year-old patient, Mr. S.K. (PIN: 39840) came with complaints of psoriasis to the Santacruz branch of Life Force in Mumbai on 9th April 2019.

He was looking for treatment for psoriasis to work on its root cause and heal the skin condition completely to eliminate it from h.....Read more

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Psoriasis Testimonials

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