Having attacks of dreadful pain 10 to 100+ times in a day? Trigeminal Neuralgia makes life miserable

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Why does your neurologist not suggest Homeopathy? Simply because his is not trained in homeopathy.

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Severe pain on right side of my face. I felt like burning and cutting myself.

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A 26 year's aged female Mrs. S.S. [PIN 5677] visited Life Force on 16 September 2003 with the complaints of severe Trigeminal Neuralgia.

Her case was studied in detail.

In April, 2002 she incurred severe pain on right side of the face. The pain was excruciating. The pain was very vigorous. She felt severe burning and cutting pain on the right cheeks. She described her pain, “as if someone is stabbing and tearing my face”. It radiated to her teeth, ear, eye, nose, head and throat. She used to have sleepless nights; she would weep due to the pain.

She consulted a neurologist. They diagnosed her problem as Trigeminal Neuralgia. She was on heavy doses of Tegretol (800 mg per day) with painkillers and sleeping pills. But it only induced sleep, drowsiness and relief for short period. She had visited the best neurosurgeons in Mumbai but nothing helped her. She was in despair and she would weep. At the age of 26 she felt, “my life is gone”. Her entire life now revolved around this disease, taking medicines, side effects of the drugs, pain…

Other details:
She was working at a call center for an American company. Her job involved selling services to the clients in the US. There was no much stress except working till late hours.

She was a soft spoken and kind hearted person; she would loose her temper if things did not go as per her wish. In her office her image was of a considerate and helpful person. She said, “I have helped my friends and even strangers, simply out of compassion. I have three pets, which is not common in the social circle I move in. My love for animals is since my childhood days. I have love for animals and those who are deprived of privileges. I often look around for hungry dogs and cats and try to feed them with some food. I am content and not too ambition.”

Her maternal Grand father had suffered from Systemic Lupus and her maternal aunt had cancer of breast. Her brother had tuberculosis.

Her sleep was good. She had a craving for sweets and chocolates. She was sensitive to the cold weather.

She was considering going for surgery, and wanted to try homeopathy before such procedure.

Dr Rajesh Shah studied her case and he analyzed it:
Here is a patient who has certain strong emotions such as an element of sympathy, which is remarkable. (Love for animals, helping people out of the way, etc.) There is an excitability and expression of emotions. Besides, the nature of the TN pain which is on the right side of face, severe, stabbing, shooting, etc.

The treatment:
The totality of the case, which includes the study of the genetic tendency, the emotions, the nature of the pain and other details, suggested a homeopathic remedy called Causticum. This medicine was administered to the patient in centesimal potency, supported by another remedy called Carcinosin, addressing the genetic predisposition.

The result in patient's words:
Then one day while surfing net I came across Dr. Rajesh Shah where I found that he has been treating patients suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia in Homoeopath. I went to his clinic and met him. I am under his treatment for last 5 months and my pain has reduced a lot up to 85%. It was a miracle for me since I have stopped all allopath. Now I can enjoy my life and I have joined a company. No more of banging head, disturbed nights. Thanks to Dr Rajesh Shah for this miraculous treatment. It is my personal advice to people suffering from Trigeminal Neuralgia to get their treatment done by Dr Rajesh Shah and see the tremendous change in your life. Thanks to Dr Shah.

This patient recovered very well in just five months of treatment.

Later on she remained free of the pain for almost one year.

She would get mild pain in periods of stress; this would be promptly cured by Homeopathy.

She has been under our care since the last six years. She gets pain for around 1-2 weeks in a year, and she takes treatment for a month or so.

In the last two years she has hardly required medicines.

Uploaded by Dr ADP on 28th December 2011

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