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Mother of A Hindi Television Actor Gets Relief in Trigeminal Neuralgia at Life Force

Mrs. N R M, a fifty-eight years old lady, and mother of a Hindi television actor visited Life Force, Chembur on 10th May 2010, with the complaint of trigeminal neuralgia and sleeplessness. She complained of pulsating pain in right side of her face since the past twenty-three years. The problem had started after she underwent wisdom tooth extraction. The pain was so much so excruciating that she described it as “paining like mad”. It would characteristically get worse by loud noise or have sour food or from indigestion. She would feel better by gentle massage and warm fomentation. She would experience sudden mood swings whenever she got the pain and would desire for company. She was on a very high dose of conventional anti-epileptic drugs, taking 350 mg of mazetol daily. In the past, the dose used to be as high as 600mg per day. She even had to take help of conventional steroid medication for pain relief.


She also complained of sleeplessness since several years. She was on a daily dose of anti-depressants for the last two years. 


Apart from this, she was suffering from hypertension which was kept under control with conventional anti-hypertensive medicines. 


She had an average appetite with an excessive liking for salt. She had a strong dislike for sweets. In the past, she had consumed alcohol on daily basis to get relief from the excruciating trigeminal neuralgia pain. She would have dreams of separation from husband, that she is not able to meet him but she would open her eyes, she would find him right beside her. She also dreamt of her old house, and at times, of snakes.


She did not suffer from any major illness nor did she undergo any surgeries in the past.


She had two brothers and one sister. One of her brothers had hypertension and other died of cancer. Her sister was suffering from hypertension and trigeminal neuralgia


Her family consisted of 6 members. She had 3 kids, 2 twin daughters and 1 son. Daughters were married and she was living in Mumbai with her husband, son, and daughter in law. She was a homemaker, and her husband was an advocate. Her son and daughter in law were Hindi television actors.


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She was affectionate and emotionally sensitive by nature. Her husband was a short-tempered person. He would shout on her which would make her weep. She would feel insulted and hurt due to husband’s temperament.  But she would always express her anger. She always had this desire of leaving her home and going far away.


Dr.Shah analyzed her case in detail. He advised her to get an MRI done. Based on her case history, he prescribed one dose of Staphysagria 200c and one of his research based molecules for two months.


She visited the clinic on 19th August 2010 to give her follow up. The complaints of trigeminal neuralgia were better by almost 50%. The dose of conventional pain killer had gone down to 200mg daily, which used to be around 350mg before taking homeopathic treatment. Even her sleep had improved, although she had to take conventional anti –depressants as her body had gotten habituated to it. Dr. Shah made some necessary changes in the prescription and medicines were given for two months.


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She visited the clinic for next follow-up on 13/12/2010. She did not have trigeminal neuralgia as long as she was taking conventional painkillers on a daily basis, but the moment she tried to reduce its dose, the pain would start. Apart from this, her weeping spells had gone down and she had achieved good control over her temper. Her case was reviewed and medicines were prescribed.


In February 2011, she reported that the improvement had continued and even her sleep quality was much better than before. She complained of burning in cheeks since past 4-5 months, the burning pain especially worse after eating spicy food. Dr.Shah reviewed her case and prescribed her two doses of Lachesis 200c and Nux Vomica 30c.
In her last follow up which was on 16th of August 2011, she reported that the trigeminal neuralgia was better by almost 75% and the dose of conventional pain killer was 100mg daily.  The intensity of pain had reduced to a great extent. Also, sleep had improved.


Four years later, her son visited Life Force clinic, in August 2015, for the treatment of nasal polyp. On enquiring about his mother, he informed that she was doing absolutely fine and that she was not on any allopathic or homeopathic medicines as her trigeminal neuralgia had completely recovered.


Dr. Amrita, Life Force Homeopathy



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