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A. Singh, UK

My son Mst AS was suffering from NS since last many years. He would have repeated episodes of protein loss in the urine and swelling over the face and the body. We had started with steroids for him. The steroids helped in reducing the protein loss in urine but when ever he would have some infection specially throat infection that would again increase the protein loss and his need for steroids increased day by day. This treatment was making Amardeep very irritable and short tempered by nature and he would have relapses with the episodes of protein leak almost every 3 months. With in 5 months of starting the treatment, there was good response and his relapse had also reduced. He had relapse only once in last 6 months. This relapse was very mild in intensity and he had no swelling at all. Thank you. We were able to taper the doses of steroids to almost half of what was given in past and his protein leak was nil, which made us very happy as we were tired of his dependence on steroids. We are very happy to see a cheerful Amardeep again and can't stop thanking Dr Shah for the wonderful treatment.

S. G., USA

The overall experience at Life Force has been very positive. The staff has been very helpful during the course of the treatment. They have always been very accessible. The treatment prescribed has proven to be effective. About 30-40% of the depigmented (white) areas have repigmented. Some spots at the base of his neck and shoulders have completely disappeared (repigmented)! Dietary suggestions have been very useful.

Reena D. Gada, Mumbai, India

I was suffering from Boils on my thighs and stomach since 6 months. After taking treatment from Life Force, there was 50% improvement in first month itself and within 4 months I was totally cured. I had other minor diseases like headache, heal pain, hairfall, joint pains etc. which also improved with Homeopathy. Doctors here are very co-operative and always ready to help us in solving our problems, may be physical or mental. I am thankful to Life Force for all this and now I am very happy and fully satisfied.


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