Ulcerative Colitis Testimonials

Hussain Fidvi, Mumbai

Hi, my name is Hussain Shaikh, I came to know about Mr. Rajesh Shah because he was my family doctor since I was a child. After very long time I encountered a very severe disease named Ulcerative Colitis. I was suffering with frequent diarrhea and very much blood loss in the stools. Without taking any conventional treatment I came to Dr. Rajesh Shah because I firmly believe in Homeopathy. I recovered in 8 months & since 1 year there is no relapse of the disease. I humbly grateful to Dr. Rajesh Shah. Thank you.

Neeta Anchan, Mumbai

Hi! Myself Neeta Anchan. I got to know about Life force (Dr. Rajesh Shah) while surfing on the internet. I had chat online with one of the doctor on my problem (Ulcerative Colitis). I saw various testimonials on the site too. After chatting with the doctor, I was little convinced that my problem can be controlled. I had tried allopathy (steroids - Mesacolete) and Aurvedic medicines too but no relief. I have this problem for last 8-9 years. After taking Dr. Shah’s medicines I’m feeling much better. The urge to pass stool has reduced to a great extent. There is no pain in the abdomen. I’m hearty and quite energetic. The passage of blood in the stool is very minimal. Thanks to Dr. Shah. 

M. C., USA

I have felt much better, solid stools always, no blood, a few times I have urgency, most of the times without urgency. Stools 6 to 7 times a day (no diharrea). I feel this is very good and I feel better and I am improving. I just hope to keep improving in the next treatments. I am very happy to see improvement with your medicine. Thank you very much.

Aditya, India

Lot of improvement. Frequency of stools is 2-3 times. No pain in abdomen. There is good improvement with the colitis.

Michael Camarillo, USA

Michael Camarillo, USA I want to thank you because since January 15,2011 I stoped taking Asacol 400 mg and all the other allopathic medicines I took in the past. The stools are normal and fine. Since January 15th 2011 I don`t take any of these I am sure you can imagine how much relief I feel because the doctors were waiting for my colon and intestines to get perforated, to replace my colon with an artificial plastic pipe. They also were waiting for cancer to develop. I no longer have anxiety, itching and hives in my hands arms, head, fingers, neck , feet, legs, swollen face sometimes , tired, I couldn’t sleep, the full toilet used to get filled with light and dark blood 3 to 4 times. All of these happened for approximately 8 years. Now that I feel better I forgot other discomforts that I used to have. Thank you very much for helping us, my wife, son and myself. After 6 months I repeated a colonoscopy, I wanted to update you about the same, Dr Shah I had no ulcers and no polyps (on January 14th, 2011 I stopped taking Asacol 400mg) and thanks to Dr. Shah`s real medicine my next colonoscopy will be in 3 years since my colitis improved tremendously. I started your treatment in March 2010. And I want to thank you for this great improvement in my ulcerative colitis and God for putting us in hands of a very valuable scientific physician like you. God bless you and take care of you and allow us and all the people around the world (we were told we had no cure) to receive very valuable help from you. Thank You.

R. Gupta, India

I, RG, from India Gujarat was suffering from Ulcerative Colitis I have been suffering from Ulcerative Colitis since last three years. I had severe recurrences and relapses presenting with frequent episodes of diarrhea. My stools were watery with frequency of around 8-10 times per day, associated with bleeding and ineffectual urging for stools. These complaints also resulted in me having generalised weakness. I was put on the usual Allopathic medicines for Ulcerative Colitis like mesacol. Within 2 months of starting the treatment, I experienced more then 90 % improvement in my condition. The frequency of my stools reduced to 1-2 times per day, the bleeding stopped. The weakness also reduced to some extent. In fact I was able to stop the allopathic medicines like mesacol completely.

B. EK. Nair,India

I, B. EK. Nair Pin Number 16285, have been suffering from ulcerative colitis since last ten years. It started with severe gas accumulating in the stomach and constant urge to pass stools and gas along with it. But mostly I would pass out lot of gas with small quantity of stool. The stools were semi solid, with mucus and very offensive, around 5-6 times per day. The gas formation was so severe that even while passing urine the gas would come out forcefully with out my control. This would make me feel very embarrased due to the continuous gas formation. I had consulted with gastroenterologist and undergone colonoscopy and was diagnosed as having Ulcerative Colitis. The Doctor advised me to take medicines like Mesacol 400mg, entoform enema, which I continued for 1 year with some relief. However I was told to continue mesacol for life long which i didn`t want to. With this disturbed frame of mind I approached Dr Shah`s clinic for these complaints. With in 2 months of starting the treatment, I have responded positively to the treatment, I feel 50% better now. The frequency of stool has reduced to 2-3 times per day and the gas formation has also reduced. I had stools which were well formed, with no blood or mucus. Within 4 months of treatment, I have responded very well and achieved 80% improvement in my condition. The frequency of stool is still 2-3 times, but it is well formed and no blood, no mucus in stools, no pain at all. The gas formation has reduced drastically. I am very happy and thank ful to Dr Shah as mentally also I feel very relaxed and my embarrassment has reduced. I am hopeful that my need for Mesacol will also reduce with continuous treatment

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Ulcerative Colitis Case Studies

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Ulcerative Colitis Testimonials

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Ulcerative Colitis

Ulcerative Colitis

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