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Research for revolution in the treatment of chronic diseases

Research for revolution in the treatment of chronic diseases

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Urticaria Testimonials

A. A., India

My daughter (Patient Identification Number: L-16060) had a episode of Urticaria 4 months back which settled with Allopathic medicines within seven days. Again she developed Urticaria since last 4-5 days and was put on the conventional treatment but there was no change and I couldn’t see her in the pain and the discomfort. I read about the effective treatment for Urticaria at Dr Shah’s site and started with the online treatment. She started responding to the treatment, however when ever we tried to reduce her Anti allergic medications, the situation became very bad for her, she would have severe flare up of the hives. We were made to understand that her Urticaria is of chronic origin and we were counseled to keep patience. Finally it has paid off as within 8 months there has been very good response and we have been able to stop the Antihistamine completely. There is no flare up in her hives and it appears that now she has got rid of the Urticaria completely.

J.J.B, Mexico

I (Patient Identification Number:19860) have been suffering from Urticaria since last few months and I went to see three different doctors, an allergist, immunologist and a dermatologist, all three of them agree on the diagnosis as chronic idiopathic urticaria however to my disappointment none of them could help me in giving any relief. I was put on Antihistamines and Anti allergic medications but still developed rashes all over the body. While doing an online research on Urticaria I came across Dr Shah’s website on Urticaria and I was impressed with the detailed information about the condition and its Homeopathic treatment. With full faith I started with Dr Shah’s treatment and within 8 months I have responded very well to the treatment, the frequency of the Urticaria attacks have diminished. There have been some periods with no urticaria at all but when it comes back it lasts only for 3 or 4 days appearing and disappearing and then, tends to disappear on its own, it has also reduced in intensity. I am very happy to see the progress and also I have experienced a very good state of well being state with the treatment.

I, M.C, Austria

I, Patient Identification Number: 20061, was suffering from Urticaria since last many years and taking different treatment only added to my distress. Nothing seemed to be helping me. With Dr Shah`s Homeopathic medicines, there has been a lot of improvement in my skin condition. The rashes have stopped completely and I have been able to stop all other Allopathic medicines that I was taking without much relief in my urticaria. God Bless Dr. Shah and his team of Doctors for relieving me of this annoying skin condition!

D.D., Mumbai

I did very well and I want to share that to you all. Thank you.

Shailesh Shah, Mumbai, India

I have been taking medicines from Life Force for the past two and a half years. I have benefitted by Dr. Shah's expert diagnosis and medications to a great extent. The most important and best experience was, the problem has been cured. I wish best to Dr. Shah in his endevour to bring homeopathy as main modern medicines, not as an alternative medicine.

Mrs B. D. D. India

I am very happy with the service and medication. I have almost been cured of my urticaria which is a big relief for me. Thank you Life Force.

Mrs. N. B., Delhi, India.

“God Bless You Doctor Shah... Your miracle medicine has given my life back... It was tough battle with Urticaria. Thank you so much….Now I can spend a lot of time with my family, specially my two and a half year old son.”

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Urticaria Case Studies

If you are suffering from recurrent or chronic skin allergy called urticaria and you are unable to reduce your anti-allergic medicines, you should read this case study. You will definitely find out a solution to your complaint. 

Urticaria is the skin hypersensitive reaction to any .....Read more

A 32-year-old male patient, Mr. M. M. K. (PIN: 41042) was suffering from urticaria and acidity for 1 year. He came to Life Force on 29th August 2019. He was suffering from its episodes 7-8 times a month, and they used to last for 3-4 hours to 1 day. The intensity of the episodes was mild to moder.....Read more

A 33-year-old housewife from Karnataka (PIN: 38001) visited Life Force Clinic on 18th September 2018 for treating her weals, severe itching, and burning sensation on her skin. She was suffering from the same for more than 2 months. On thorough case-taking, it was found that she was suffering from.....Read more

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Urticaria Testimonials

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