5 Infallible Homeopathic Remedies For Constipation

constipationAs the urbanization is flaring up constipation is paralleled and getting recognized amongst the population in the world. Passing motion every day in the morning may be normal for some people but for some, it may become a big task. There are individuals who fear to go to the restroom on account of anticipatory discomfort and pain. When it comes to Indian population people are not so open to speaking about constipation. Passing irregular hard stools may be considered as a mere regular problem and can be overlooked There was no great awareness about the same and hence people were not serious about its consequences. But nowadays individuals who would shy away from having started visiting doctors just to get rid of this disturbing every morning problem as now it has started affecting their lives in many ways.

Constipation or hard stools can be very chronic and disturbing at times. Constipation is nothing but the passage of small quantities of hard stools less than three times in a week. Individuals are constipated have a weak, dry bowel movement and would always get an ineffectual urge for a stool but nothing would pass. Women and children are usually more affected. Other symptoms of constipation may include a feeling of sluggishness, bloated abdomen.

Homeopathy….. A natural way of healing your gut

Homeopathy finds a solution for you to get rid of this hindering routine which impacts your life and for some can make life hell. Homeopathic remedies which have its own natural action with non-toxic effects heals the tendency of one getting the problem in the first place. More chronic the disease, more time it does take for a complete recovery. Homeopathy is an excellent option especially for children, pregnant women and the geriatric group as they do not have any side effects. Evaluation of the final remedy needs a complete history of the patient which gives a fair idea about the underlying cause of the problem. Let us have a glimpse of those wonderful natural homeopathic remedies which one can opt for constipation.

Top 5 infallible remedies for constipation

1) Nux vomica- This homeopathic remedy is one of most commonly prescribed one for constipation since many centuries. It is known to have a predominant action on the gut and is indicated in inveterate constipation in people who tend to take more of stimulants like tea, coffee, alcohol etc. Another causative factor for constipation is inadequate sleep as it is mostly indicated in type A personality who face a lot of stress leading to a sedentary life. All these causes together affect the gastrointestinal system thereby slowing down the digestion and further the movements of the intestines. There is constant desire to defecate but only a small amount of stool will pass at each time. This ineffectual urge may just not let the person rest and finally, individuals end up taking laxatives. This is another cause found which is quite indicative of nux vomica. Individuals who are dependent on laxatives and consume them for a long time tend to have constipation later. The body always feels a need to have a laxative in an increased dose as a specific quantity of medicines will not give results always. This becomes a vicious cycle and at the end, nothing works out for some people. Nux vomica has an affinity for the gastrointestinal system and helps improve digestion and peristalsis of the gut. Nux vomica also has the property to antidote the ad effects of allopathic medicines and help cure the condition. It is indicated in individuals who are leading a sedentary life, popping laxatives every day and having work always in their priority. Stools are hard, ineffectual and needs straining which is a characteristic symptom. Well indicated in individuals who are short-tempered and always irritable.

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2) Bryonia alba- This wild hop almost makes the individual wild with constipation with absolute no urge for stool. The basic cause lies in the mucous membranes everywhere in the body where there is dryness. This dryness leads to sluggish bowel movements with a less or almost no intestinal secretions. The stools are dry large as if burnt. This remedy is greatly indicated where there is dryness of mucous membranes but the muscular action is well maintained. It is known to act well in people have rheumatic conditions and ill humor. Chronic cases often succeed with Bryonia when given in therapeutic doses.

3) Alumina- As the name suggests aluminium oxide is something which tends to cause constipation in individuals who are frequently exposed to it in any form. It is indicated in individuals who use aluminium vessels for cooking at their home since many years. Aluminium becomes toxic after some days of its exposure and makes the intestinal movements sluggish. It is also a good remedy where there is constipation in babies who are artificially fed or who had been using bottles to drink milk. It is well suited to anemic subjects who have a shy, dull complexion and are always slow in every action. Stools difficult to expel even if they are soft due to the inertia of the rectum.

4) Opium- It is one of the well-known remedies used to treat constipation where there is complete inactivity of the intestines the causative factor being paralysis of the rectum. The stools tend to get impacted in the bowels with no urging for stool. Stools come in dry, hard, black balls. It is a good remedy indicated for constipation in old people where there is inactivity of the rectum with unsatisfactory stools. Suited to patients who are dull and feel dizzy and drowsy.

5) Plumbum Metallicum- It is known for constipation caused by exposure to lead in any forms. Constipation due to spasm of sphincter ani muscles. Constant urging to stool accompanied with colic is a characteristic feature of this remedy. The stool is passed with great difficulty on account of the spasm. Hard, black, sheep dung like a stool with marked retraction of the abdominal walls. There is severe pain in the anus and it feels as if drawn upwards. There is a loss of intestinal activity along with diminished secretion of the intestinal glands.

Above mentioned homeopathic remedies are the ones which tend to cause constipation when given to healthy people in a crude form. Hence, these remedies are known to cause the symptoms which when given in therapeutic form helps to treat the same pathology, yet in a gentle manner.

Opt for homeopathy at the earliest before constipation becomes a disease for you. Prevent complication of constipation by adopting a natural way of healing your gut.

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Written by Dr. Kanchan Gohil, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah, Life Force team

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