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Is Asthma 100% curable with homeopathy?

Questions & AnswersIs Asthma 100% curable with homeopathy?
Anonymous asked 6 years ago

My daughter is 14 yr. old she have some breathing problem in summer season.

Life Force Staff replied 6 years ago

This answer could best be given if we categories Asthma in two groups: 1. Asthma in children 2. Asthma in adults.

Experience suggests that asthma in children is largely curable. In the sense that asthma can be almost eliminated in most children, except for some. Most children can get free from asthma if timely homeopathic treatment is given.

However, in case of adult asthma, homeopathy can significantly bring following changes:
1. It can reduce the frequently of attacks of asthma
2. It can reduce the intensity of asthma
3. It can reduce duration of each episode
4. It can reduce the dependency on conventional medicines such as cortisone, antibiotics and anti-allergic medicines.

Homeopathy is strongly suggested for all cases of asthma. Earlier cases will respond much better than the older cases. I strongly believe that management of asthma without added homeopathic medicine must be considered incomplete.