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Inspector In Central Police Heaves A Sigh Of Relief From Gastritis & Depression

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A Sub-Inspector in Central Police, Mumbai, Mr. R. K (Patient identification number 26188) visited Life Force on 13th July 2015 to get his depression and gastritis treated. He started experiencing symptoms, such as low mood, desire to be alone, reluctance to socialize, turning irritated on petty things, and anxiety episodes, since the last two years. He used to experience these episodes during most of the week. No major cause was found on inquiry. His sleep would also get affected whenever there used to be a stressful situation. He was taking anxiolytics a year back which was prescribed by a psychiatrist, but, when he learned about its side-effects, he stopped taking them.

He also complained acidity with burning in the chest. He underwent an endoscopy which concluded it as GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) with moderate gastritis.

Upper Git Endoscopy: (02/06/2014)- The body of stomach showed moderate gastritis. The Lesser Curvature and antrum were moderately inflamed. GERD LA grade with moderate Gastritis.

Past History

On inquiry, he mentioned that he suffered from a severe migraine for four to five years.

Family History

There was no major illness in his family other than his mother suffering from age-related arthritis of joints

Self And Family

He was a Sub-Inspector in Central Police, Domestic Airport, Mumbai, and his wife was a homemaker. He had a 5-years-old son, and his parents were staying in his native place in a village. By nature, he had an irritable temperament and he used to get angry easily. He could not express his anger always due to his profession.


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After evaluating the case in detail, Dr. Shah prescribed Silicea 30 and research based medicines for six weeks. He also had a counseling session with Dr. Shah, where his queries were solved and he was advised to have a positive approach towards life.


The patient called up for his first feedback after completing the first batch of medicines. He happily mentioned that he felt much better and relaxed after starting the medications, though symptoms persisted with lesser intensity than earlier. Also, the symptoms of gastritis were under control. The medicines were repeated and couriered to him along with instructions for diet and regimen.

During the second follow-up on 19th December 2015, the patient was quite anxious and worried about his health condition. He seemed quite restless during the consultation. On inquiring about the reason, he mentioned that he had worked a lot in the last one week due to the extended shift duties. His profession involved a lot of stress, which he was now unable to manage. His acidity was much under control, and he had also corrected his eating habits. Patient was counseled and advised to follow meditation and breathing exercise daily. Dr. Shah made certain changes in the prescription and the patient was advised to take medicines regularly.

The next feedback was given on 19th March 2016. There was a remarkable recovery in his overall condition and anxiety, and he could now control his emotions. He also mentioned that he was feeling better overall by 60% with respect to irritability, anxiety, and low mood conditions. He could now sleep well. He had started making an conscious effort to communicate with people. The patient was reassured and counselled. He was told to improve his hydration and exercise regularly which will help him to stay active throughout the day. He was prescribed further medicines according to the feedback he had given.

Patient had called for the next three to four feedbacks where he informed that he was doing extremely well. His overall condition was almost 80% better, and there was no major episode of acidity or phases of depression. In the interim period, he did not experience the need to take any antacids and he also visited his native place. He requested to send the same medications which had improved his condition significantly to a great extent.

The patient visited on 4th March 2017 along with the endoscopy and colonoscopy reports which were normal. The patient was very happy with the improvement, as the earlier endoscopy had diagnosed the condition as GERD. The report itself made the patient so confident and gave him a substantial relief from depression. He also confessed that his health condition itself had made him feel so depressed that he had to seek the treatment for depression more than gastritis. The patient was advised to continue the treatment in order to maintain his recovery. 





Patient suffering from any psychiatric illness responds well to homeopathy if he starts with immediate treatment once it’s diagnosed. Homeopathy is strongly recommended for any conditions related to the digestive system such as acidity (gastritis), which is one of the most common one. Any disturbance in the mental plane first affects the digestive system. Homeopathic medicines act on your mental plane and uproot the cause of the physical disease. It is best recommended to go for homeopathy if you have any recently detected cases of depression and anxiety.


  • Written by Dr. Kanchan, Associate doctor to Dr. Rajesh Shah
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