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A 9-Year-Old Girl's Eczema Healed With Homeopathy At Life Force

A 9-year-old girl, Miss. A.J.V. (PIN: 37579) was suffering from eczema from the last one year. So, she visited Life Force for the same on 4th August 2018. She had associated complaints too.

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Main/Chief Complaints: Eczema was affecting her both the armpits, neck, back, gluteal region, face, and popliteal region with the symptoms as hyperpigmented maculopapular eruptions, intense itching which was spreading gradually. Her complaints used to get aggravated due to the perspiration, getting wet in the rain, and on the exposure to the beach water.

She has taken conventional treatment for the same for approximately 6 months so it was already a difficult steroid-masked case.
Her associate complaints which were bothering her were obesity, hair fall, acanthosis nigricans, and warts.

The patient was a pure vegetarian. She had an average appetite. She had cravings for chocolates, sweets, and spicy food. Her water intake was average. She used to perspire profusely. Her bowels were satisfactory.

She was a 4th Std. student. She was having the past medical history of Hepatitis A. As per her family’s medical history, her father was a known case of Thalassemia minor and renal calculus.

Dr. Shah studied her case in detail and prescribed her research-based homeopathic medicines.

She gave her first follow-up on 11th September 2018. And, in her first two follow-ups, steroid-withdrawal symptoms were observed. However, as she was following the homeopathic treatment, homeopathic medicines worked on by boosting the immunity of the patient due to which the patient could bear the withdrawal symptoms.

She experienced improvement in her relief from her complaints in the subsequent follow-ups. When her last follow-up was taken on 9th April 2019, she was 80% better with her relief from all the complaints. Her warts are 100% cured. She was experiencing itching no more. Her disease was stable and, by regulating the diet, her weight was under control.

The patient’s mother is quite thankful to Dr. Shah and the team of Life Force for treating her daughter’s disease and health complaints and improving her daughter's health.


This case highlights that homeopathy is highly effective in treating eczema and other associated complaints successfully and safely without any side-effects. No matter whether the disease has freshly occurred or is steroid masked, homeopathy effectively erased the Eczema within 1 year of treatment, which comprised Dr. Shah's research-based medicine.
Written by Dr. Kamini Nakhate, Associate to Dr. Rajesh Shah

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