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White fern like lichen planus lession inside the cheeks, tongue, lower lips treated with homeopathic medicines

zoloft and pregnancy studies

zoloft and pregnancy studies

50 yrs female, Mrs. V. K. (case pin no.L-10387) came to us to seek treatment for oral lichen planus. She had white fern-like lesions inside the cheeks. She had severe soreness and burning for 5 months in these lesions. Buccal mucosa, cheeks, tongue, lower lip and area beneath the tongue were affected. Her oral lichen planus was triggered by mental stress. Her complaint increased with spicy as well as hot food and drinks. She was on local and oral steroids. An oral biopsy was done which showed actinomycosis (fungal infection of oral mucosa).

Her appetite was average and she had craving for spicy food. She couldn’t tolerate heat and had a liking for cold weather. Her thirst, perspiration, bowel movements were satisfactory. She had a sound sleep.

She had undergone hysterectomy for multiple fibroids in uterus 8 yrs back.

On probing, she revealed that a few months back she had a lot of stress due to her husband’s extramarital affair. She was a lecturer in college. She had 2 children. She had good confidence, mixed easily with people. She would constantly think about the past.

Except for fathers heart disease, there was no major illness in the family.

As per the above case details, Dr Shah’s research-based medicines were prescribed. Within 6 weeks there was relief in the burning, soreness and redness in oral mucosa had reduced remarkably. Gradually she could have her normal diet.

In 3 months her complaint reduced by almost 50 %, She was given Nat. Mur 200 followed by Dr. Shah’s research-based medicine.
In the next 2 months, she showed almost 80 % recovery. The oral lesions had decreased in size, redness and soreness had also decreased considerably. Within 10 months she was cured of her oral lichen planus.

This case illustrates that oral lichen planus responds very well to homeopathy. Complete cure and rapid recovery can be achieved in lichen planus with homeopathic medicines.

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