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Rashes of urticaria about 2 to 3 times in a day. Each time these wheals would last ½ to 1 hour after which they would disappear without any trace.


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53 year old lady, Mrs. T. S., (Patient reference number: L8884) reported to the clinic for complaints of Urticaria since last 26 years. She would get rashes of urticaria on her skin everyday about 2 to 3 times in a single day. Each time these wheals would last ½ to 1 hour after which they would disappear without any trace. The rashes would be more prominent on her neck, buttocks, waist and folds of the skin. She would experience itching and pricking sensation on the rashes. She had also had some rare episodes in which she had developed swelling of the lips and eyelids; she had never developed any dyspnoea during these episodes. She said that her complaints had started after her first childbirth. Her complaints would be worse with pressure, after wearing tight clothes, and with excess sweating. She would feel somewhat better with application of cold water over the affected parts. She suspected that her urticaria would be worse after taking spicy food. She had received steroids (oral and injectable) in the past but this had not helped her much. When she consulted us for treatment she was not on any medication consistently but would take an antihistamine whenever her symptoms would get worse.

She was a known hypertensive and was on regular treatment for the same. Her blood pressure was found to be 140/100 mm of hg on examination. She did not have any other health complaints apart from this.

She was an averagely built lady who had a normal appetite. She was fond of spicy foods. Her water intake was normal and she would sweat profusely all over her body. She was sensitive to hot climate and would prefer to remain in a cold environment. She was habituated to taking a laxative daily for clearing her bowels to her satisfaction. She had no particular complaints pertaining to her urination. She was menopausal since 8 years. She had 2 children and they both had been delivered normally. She remarked that her sleep would be quite disturbed and she would not wake up fresh in the morning.

She was a technician in a laboratory and stayed with her husband and 2 sons. She denied having any major stress in her life. She described herself as being an over-reactive person; she would get angered easily and she would react by shouting at the opposite person (who, in most cases, were her sons when they would not listen to her). She said that she would tend to cry when she would get very angry and would feel better if someone consoled her at such times. She loved to travel and shop but would really miss having a daughter because her sons and husband would not like to accompany her on such occasions. She would easily get anxious if her sons or husband would be late in coming back from work. She had aversion to being alone and would desire to be in the company of people always.

There was no history of any major illness that she had suffered from in the past. Her mother and 2 brothers were diabetic and father was hypertensive. Apart from this there was no history of any other illness in the family.

Based on the above history, she was prescribed a remedy that has been developed at Life Force for the treatment of Urticaria. She was prescribed this remedy to be taken thrice a day for 2 weeks. At the end of 2 weeks she reported that her complaints were somewhat better in the sense that the rashes would last for a lesser duration. Another 4 weeks later, she was so much better that the rashes would occur only about once a week. After another month of medication (wherein she was completely free of Urticaria rashes), her treatment was concluded and she was asked to report to the clinic in case she developed any complaints in future. She was very glad that her long standing Urticaria got cured with Homeopathy and that too in such a small span of time.

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