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Cracks on the finger-tips and peeling of the skin since 18 years.

35 year old lady, Mrs. V. B. G. (Patient reference number: L7997) reported to the clinic for complaints of cracks of the finger-tips and peeling of the skin from the same area since 18 years. She had been diagnosed as having Psoriasis and had received conventional treatment for 10 years without much relief. She would be very upset because of this since she would not be able to use her hands freely for her domestic work and would constantly have to be dependent on others for the same. She had also tried Homeopathy before but that had not helped her much. She also had a few scattered small lesions of lichen planus on the left leg.

psoriasis on finger tips

She was a lady with an average built and normal appetite. She was very fond of pickles, rice, sour foods and green leafy vegetables. She would not like pulses much. Sweating was average but it would have an offensive odour. Stools would be unsatisfactory and she would pass stools about once in 2-3 days. Her sleep would be quite disturbed and she would not get sleep until very late in the night.

She was a housewife and stayed with her husband and two sons aged 16 and 14 years. She was of an irritable nature and would abuse the children when she would get upset. When things would not happen according to her will she would get very upset and would keep brooding about it. She would often feel stressed due to her younger son who had a very mischievous nature. She denied having any major stress of any kind.

Based on the above history, she was prescribed Carcinosin 200 along with another remedy that has been developed at Lifeforce for the treatment of psoriasis. About 6 weeks later she reported improvement of about 25% in her complaints. Another 8 weeks of medication made her more than 50% better in her complaints. The treatment was continued on similar lines and her lesions disappeared completely with another few weeks of treatment. She was very glad when she reported to us that she had never felt so well in her complaints in all these 18 years of her suffering. She was kept under observation for next 2 months after which her treatment was concluded.

Remarks: It is the beauty of Homoeopathy to consider an inseparable bond between the mind and the body and bring about cure from within the system which proves to be a permanent solution for the patient.


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