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Four year old boy P.A brought with a known case of nephrotic Syndrome with swelling of lower eyelids , gradually spreading to his face, abdomen and scrotum.



This is the case of a 4-year-old boy P. A (Patient reference no: L-7157) who was brought to the clinic by his parents with a known case of nephrotic syndrome which had started with swelling of lower eyelids and gradually spread to his face, abdomen and scrotum. He had a few relapses in the last 2 years. On examination, his urine appeared frothy. His urine protein fluctuated between trace to ++++. His symptoms increased with acute Upper Respiratory Tract Infection.

Along with nephrotic syndrome, he had suffered from upper respiratory tract infection since three months of age. He had cold and nose congestion. All his respiratory symptoms aggravated while playing in water and at night. At the same time, he also suffered from Acute Otitis Media.

He had an average appetite. He was very fond of salty food, sweets and pickles. He was averse to curd. He had profuse perspiration on his scalp. He had sleep disturbances due to the constant coughing.

He resided with his parents in a joint family. He was a restless child. He was very talkative and used to get angry easily. He used to throw things whenever he used to get angry. He was very stubborn and destructive. He used to break his toys and glasses at home. He often threw tantrums, used to scream and shriek when his desires were not fulfilled.

His past history revealed a fracture in the humerous (Shoulder Joint) at the age of one. He had no history of any other major illness. His mother was asthmatic. His maternal grandmother was diabetic and maternal grandfather had suffered from Ischaemic heart disease. His paternal grandmother was hypertensive and his paternal grandfather had suffered from osteoarthritis.

He had taken lot of allopathic medication in the first year of life. After detailed case history, he was prescribed constitutional homoeopathic treatment. After about two months of homeopathic treatment, there was only a trace of urine protein. He did not have any episode of nephrotic syndrome in the last six months. This was a classic case of the child recovering from his respiratory symptoms (recurrent cold and cough), with marked improvement in his symptoms of nephrotic syndrome wherein routine urine examination revealed absence of proteins. There was considerable improvement in the swelling on his face and eyelids.


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