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A 42 years male Mr. R.D, a Civil Engineer, (PIN 15509) visited Life Force Center for the treatment of psoriasis. He had psoriasis since 11 years. It started as a yearly complaint which would affect him only in winter. Only palms and soles were affected. Gradually the frequency and severity of the complaints increased. Patient described that since last 2 years it had become continuous, progressive, severe and non responsive to the medicines he was using. There was much dryness and cracks with tremendous itching and redness. Peeling of skin and scaling was also present. These complaints were aggravated in the winter and after stress.

psoriasis on palm

He was applying propysalic cream on and off, since the last 10 years and recently started with Tab Medrol 4 mg once a day. He was in the business of construction work and had a major loss so he had to take up a private job. Emotionally he was very calm and composed but had developed anticipatory fear and anxiety. Patient had become much worried and stressful after the business loss. He was socially active but avoided public appearances after the disease got worse. His father had extensive psoriasis and chronic renal failure. After going through the case thoroughly, Dr. Shah advised him to reduce the frequency of steroidal ointment and slowly stop it (chances of resurfacing was explained) and Dr. Shah prescribed him our research based medicines along with the constitutional medicine. Within 8 weeks time his major complaint of dryness and itching reduced remarkably and the rate of spread of psoriasis was arrested.

psoriasis on hand

In 4 months the cracks reduced substantially. The palms and soles were getting clearer. There was no bleeding from the cracks or scaling. In 12 months time the palms and the soles were better by 75 %. Emotionally he was much relaxed as he got a stable job and he started involving socially as before as his psoriasis had cleared. After the end of 1.5 years the soles and palms regained normal skin. There was 100% improvement. Thereafter his medicines were discontinued. ( Uploaded on 27 June 2011 by Dr.S.N.B)


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