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Mrs. D. H. M aged 45years, She was suffering from Lichen Planus on both legs and hands since the 8 months.

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Mrs. D. H. M aged 45years (Patient Identification Number 15860) visited Life force on 18th April 2011 for the treatment of Lichen Planus. She was suffering from Lichen Planus on both legs and hands since the 8 months. The Lichen Planus would reduce with steroidal treatment but would invariably relapse, after stopping steroids.

She presented with moderately severe Lichen Planus on both legs with severe itching, followed by burning sensation and bleeding spots. She had large spots of Lichen Planus on both legs. These large spots had remained active since last 3 months. Her itching would aggravate in evening and she would feel better by applying coconut oil.

She had average appetite with marked cravings for sweets and aversion for sour food items. Her perspiration, bowel movement, urination was normal but her sleep was disturbed due to itching problem.

She was sensitive and introverted by nature. If feels bad for anything; then would brood over it. There was loss in her husband’s business; was under stress for about 3-4 years. It was during this stressful period; she suffered from Lichen Planus.

Dr. Rajesh Shah studied her case details and prescribed his research based homeopathic medicines along with constitutional medicines considering all her details. After 6 weeks of medications her Lichen Planus reduced by 25%. Her itching, burning sensation also reduced. Gradually the lesions flattened and healing was noticed, but some new spots were also seen because of withdrawal of steroids. After 3 months of the medication her Lichen Planus reduced by 60%. Itching also reduced but still few new spots were coming but the pace of the disease was slowed down.

After 6 months of medication there was significant improvement in Lichen Planus. Now, she did not experience any itching or discomfort. Now, there was no appearance of new spots.

After 8 months of medications she recovered completely but she was left with hyper pigmentation marks.

She is still continuing the treatment. She was very happy with the treatment as her sleep improved which was disturbed by severe itching and she got rid of this annoying disease.

(uploaded by Dr. VPG on 29th November 2011)

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