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A 72 years old patient with vertigo got cured with homeopathy

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Mr. C. V. R. (Patient Identification Number - 9253), 72 years old male, visited our center on 29th December 2006 with the complaints of Vertigo. He was suffering from this since 6 - 8 months. The symptoms were – giddiness, blurring of vision, imbalance and sensation of spinning of head. It would occur once in 2 – 3 days, would remain for 30 – 45 minutes. The episode would occur if he would suddenly turn on right side in standing or lying down position. He would feel relieved by lying down on back or bending head downwards. He had taken conventional medication in the past, but did not experience any relief. He then decided to start homeopathic treatment, as his daughter was an old patient of Dr. Shah. He also had borderline high blood pressure. He was on the conventional medicines with good control. His appetite was average with strong liking for salt. He was intolerant of heat. There were no complaints in sleep, bowels, thirst and perspiration. He was leading a retired life. He had worked in a company as a quality control manager. His wife was a home maker. His son and daughter in law were both accountants in an esteemed company. His son stayed separately. He was a religious person with cool temperament. He could recite the Bhagwat, and hence he was always on tour, to different cities for recitation of the Bhagwat. He was reserved. There was stress for 2 years related to housing society redevelopment in the past. At present since 1 month he had shifted back to his new home and was happy. He had been operated for cataract in both eyes a year back. His case details were analyzed by Dr. Shah and was prescribed some research based homeopathic medicines. In the first follow up on 7th January 2007 he reported considerable improvement in his Vertigo. In the next follow up on 18th February 2007, he reported 70 % improvement in the vertigo. On June 16th 2007, with 6 months of treatment he was almost better by 80% as he reported of Vertigo once in 7-8 days which would subside in 2 – 3 seconds as compared to 30 – 45 minutes. He then reported after 1 year on 16th January 2008 with the mild relapse of the complaints of Vertigo. He had mild unsteady dizziness for few minutes. It would aggravate by lifting head suddenly, turning to right side, or turning suddenly. Dr. Shah reviewed his case. He was prescribed upgraded medicine. Within first 6 weeks he was almost asymptomatic. He had occasionally felt mild dizziness once in 2 weeks. In the next follow up after 1 month on 25th March 2008 he reported almost complete recovery. He had developed some mild cough since 3 – 4 days which was uprightly taken care of by homeopathic medicines. He had developed some left knee joint pain. He was advised to get a serum Calcium levels checked. In the next follow up after 1 month, on 20th April 2008, he reported mild occasional episode of vertigo and complete recovery of cough. His left knee pain was better. He was also taking calcium supplements. The patient reported again on 23rd November 2011, after 3 years. He was absolutely asymptomatic for three years. In the past 1 month the vertigo had resurfaced in a mild form. He also had acidity and burning in abdomen. There was belching everyday. He had been operated for hernia a month back. He also complained of mild imbalance while walking and standing, every alternate day. He would feel as if he will fall down. There was hard and unsatisfactory stool since 1 month. He had started with antihypertensive medications since past 2 months. His case was reviewed by Dr. Shah and was prescribed accordingly. With the first 6 weeks of medication he reported remarkable improvement in the complaints of vertigo, acidity and constipation. He is still undergoing treatment with our center to attain the best possible results with homeopathy. This case emphasizes the importance of timely management with the help of homeopathic medicines, which give a lasting effect and need not be habit forming. As in conventional medication the patient becomes dependent on the medicine, which gradually stops giving any positive response, even with the increase in dosage. Whenever this patient had symptoms, he reported to the center and got treatment. He never took any conventional medicines for vertigo. He has always got satisfactory results. (Uploaded on 30th Jan 2012 by Dr. M N P)

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