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Frequency and intensity of her complaints reduced..


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A six years old girl Miss. M.V.G (Patient Identification Number 14850) visited Life Force on 18th September 2010 with her mother for the complaint of Frequent Colds. She was suffering from frequent colds since the last three years. Her complaints would start with sore throat, nose block, with difficulty in breathing. There was sneezing every morning with occasional dry cough. She would get these complaints once in every fifteen days, lasting for eight to nine days.

Her complaints were worse in the winter and monsoon. Her mother would give her anti-histamines, nasal dcongestants and Zathrin (antibiotic) along with cough syrup with which there was temporary relief. There was a family history of Frequent Colds. Her mother and maternal grandparents would also suffer from Frequent Colds.

Her appetite was reduced because of the illness. Micturation and bowel habits were normal. She was sensitive to cold weather with marked amelioration by warmth.

Miss. M.V.G. was a senior kg student. She was possessive about her near and dear ones and very much attached to her mother. She would take time to mix with others. She exhibited jealousy. She would fight with her sibling to sleep with her mother. If the parents bought a toy for her brother on his birthday, then she also wanted a toy for herself. If her friend is taking with some one else, then she would feel neglected. She showed attention seeking traits. She had a habit of thumb sucking.

Based on the above history, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed research based medicines and her constitutional remedy Lachesis. In next six weeks, she got episode of cold and cough twice. Intensity of the complaints had reduced by almost 50%. There was only one episode of cold in the subsequent two months lasting for four to five days. Her appetite had also improved.

Frequency and intensity of her complaints reduced in all further follow ups. By 7th June 2011, she had completely recovered from her complaint of Frequent Colds.

(Uploaded on 28th June 2011 by Dr. G.A.J)

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