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Relapsing Psoriasis treated successfully with Dr. Shah’s medications.



34 years old Mr. N. M. P., a shop owner staying in Pune visited our clinic on 19th January 2005. His Patient Identification Number is 6425. He was suffering from Psoriasis since 1.5 months. There were discrete, erythematous (reddish), indurated (thick) scaly lesions scattered all over the body. There were also few spots with scales on the scalp. Itching was present on the scalp. He had been taking allopathic medicines since 1.5 months which were steroid based. He had similar complaints 7 years ago which was treated with allopathic medicines. It was then triggered due to stress regarding his wife’s health issues.

His appetite was average. He liked sweets and disliked brinjal. His thrist was decreased. He was senstive to cold weather. His sleep was sound and refreshing. He would dream of daily routine.

He was staying in a joint family. He along with his 3 brothers were owner of the electric appliances shop. His wife was a home maker. He had 2 daughters; 7 years and 2 years old.

He was jovial and mixing well, by nature. He preferred staying in company rather than alone. He would occasionally get angry and beat his children or not attend the customers who has irritated him. There would be minor stress and tensions related to shop.

His elder brother was also suffering from Psoriasis.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed Carcinosin 200c along with few research based medicines.
He visited on 5th May 2005 and reported around 75% improvement in Psoriasis. The scattered spots on the body were healing. The scalp was less itchy. His case was reviewed and medicines were upgraded by Dr. Shah.

After 8 months of treatment he reported on 1st September with over 90% improvement in Psoriasis. The skin spots were healed leaving behind hyper pigmented spots. The scalp was also relieved by 90%. There was no itching or scaling.

He later visited on 15th September 2008 with mild relapse of Psoriasis. There were mild spots on the ankle and foot. There were few spots on scalp. There was scaling and itching. It had appeared since 2 weeks. He was facing some stress in business. His case details were reviewed by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed medicines.

He reported on 13th April 2009 with around 90% improvement in his Psoriasis. The spots were healed. There was no itching or scaling.

He visited on 13th August 2013, after 4 years with complaint of back pain. His Psoriasis complaint had not recurred in last 4 years. There was dryness and scaling in lower back region which would reduce with the application of moisturizers.

He was happy that his chronic skin condition was in remission with Dr. Shah’s medications.

He keeps referring patients suffering from chronic psoriasis towards Homeopathy. He firmly believes the Homeopathy is more suitable for chronic skin diseases.

Uploaded on 27th August 2013 by Dr. M. N. P.


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