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Vitiligo patches on lower and upper back, after treatment patches disappeared completely

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A patient Mrs. A.G.N., aged 43 years, [PIN 14474] came to Life Force center from Raigarh, for the treatment of her Vitiligo.

She was suffering from vitiligo since the last two years.

She had vitiligo patches sized 2 cm X 2 cm on the low back. She had recently developed similar patches on the upper back. The patches were so located that they were visible when she wore a sari and blouse.

She had tried treatment under a few dermatologists; however, there was no response to treatment.

Her case details were taken.

She was a medium built, fair and good looking lady. She would perspire on her palms and soles. She was sensitive to the cold and winter season.

She was a homemaker. Her husband was a manager at a steel company. They lived in the company quarters near the steel plant about 100 km from Mumbai. She had one son and a daughter. Her daughter was studying engineering and her son was in school.

Apparently, there was no stress. They were well settled, there was no financial botheration, no major responsibilities.
When inquired in detail, the patient revealed the stress in her inter-personal relationship. She described her husband as an introvert person. He keeps to himself. She does not talk much, does not share much. Her husband does not help her with her household chores. They never go for outings or get-together. If she asks for help, he would say, “I do my work in the company, you do your work at home.”

The patient is the exact opposite. She is very jovial, talkative and social. She has a deep regard for her husband; they have attended the Art of Living course. She says I do not like to complain about him, it is a sin. However, she often feels neglected.

She often loses her temper on petty things but quickly repents.
Mostly she takes studies of the children and feels anxious when their exams and results are approaching.

Her father and mother both suffered from Diabetes. There was no family history of Vitiligo.

Dr Shah examined her and prescribed Kali Carbonicum 30 C.
The vitiligo patches gradually started re-pigmentation. Small brown dots developed from the borders and the patches closed completely. It took around twelve months for complete re-pigmentation.

They were very happy with the results. The social stigma associated with vitiligo is the most difficult aspect of this disease and the main worry for her was that if anyone knows about this disease, then there will be difficult for her daughter’s marriage.

(Uploaded on 30th Oct 2011 by Dr. ADP)


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