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A young magician found excellent recovery from Psoriasis with Dr. Shah’s medicines



Twenty six years old magician was searching for a good treatment for Psoriasis on the internet, where he came across Dr. Shah’s website. He was staying in Mumbai, and hence decided to personally visit the clinic. He was accompanied by his younger brother who was suffering from gastric complaints and wished to start his own treatment as well. His father and fore-fathers were all renowned magicians.

Mr. A. V. S. visited Life Force on 8th July 2010. His patient identification number is 14525. He was suffering from Psoriasis since childhood but it was mild in form. The spots on the knees had cured long ago. The spots on the fingers were since 5 years and scalp since 2 years. The spots on the back side of fingers were gradually spreading. He had mild scaling and itching on scalp. He had applied cortisone cream which had healed the spots with hypo pigmented skin.

He liked eating eggs and meat. He would sweat profusely. He was sensitive to warm temperature. He was overweight and flabby in appearance. His sleep was sound.

He was anxious regarding his family members health condition. His father had been admitted for heart attack few months back. The patient himself suffered from high blood pressure and diplopia and had to be hospitalized. He was emotionally attached to his parents.

His paternal grandfather had psoriasis.

Dr. Shah studied his case details and prescribed him Calcarea Carbonica 200c 2 doses along with few research based medicines.

He called up for his first follow up on 23rd August. He had mild improvement in his scalp lesions. The itching was less by 75% and scaling was less by 50%. The lesions on fingers were same.

He visited on 3rd November for his second follow up. The improvement was further better. Overall he experienced 50% improvement. The scaling, itching and dryness was decreased by 50%. The scalp was around 90% recovered. Dr. Shah repeated his prescription.

He called up on 3rd January 2011 for his third follow up. He had improved by 90%. The scalp, fingers, knees and elbows were all healed. The dryness was mild. The scaling and itching was nil.

He reported after 3 years on 9th January 2014 for a mild relapse of Psoriasis. He had been symptomless through these years. Since 3 – 4 months it had mildly re occurred. He is hopeful of the same recovery in short time as before.

Uploaded on 22nd January 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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