I see significant improvement in my condition, especially in itching, inflammation and skin flaking with Dr. Shah’s Homeopathic treatment.

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Mr. J. R. (Patient Identification Number -17694) a resident of Bissau –Capital of Guinea (Africa) was suffering from Atopic Dermatitis. He had Atopic Dermatitis since childhood. He was 50years old. He was tired of taking conventional medication as he would be relieved for few days and again his complaints got worsened. He was looking for long term relief from his complaints. He came across Dr. Shah's website and tried curability test. He read further and decided to start treatment and he got registered.

He experienced dryness, itching and inflammation all over his body specially whenever there was change in weather. His sleep was disturbed due to his complaints. He had been taking conventional medicines for the same.

He liked eating non vegetarian food and chocolates. He had no specific dislikes. He preferred warm weather. His bowel movements, urine, perspiration were normal.

He was working as a General Manager in an export company. His family consisted of his parents. His parents resided in Hyderabad.He was a bachelor.

He was friendly and anxious by nature. He was anxious about his professional life. He had become short tempered due to work pressure. He had joined meditation classes for the same.

He had suffered from jaundice, chicken pox and malaria in his adolescence. His paternal grandfather and paternal uncle had suffered from Psoriasis. His father was suffering from diabetes mellitus.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research based medicines after studying his case in detail.
He personally visited 6th July 2010. Patient reported mild improvement. Itching had reduced around 25%.

He reported via patient support system on 7th September 2010. Due to change in weather his complaints had increased. He experienced itching all over his body along with redness. Dr. Shah made necessary changes in his prescription.

He reported on 13th January 2011.The flare up had stopped but there was no further improvement.

He reported around 25% improvement on 5th March 2011.His itching and redness had started improving.

He called up on 3rd August 2011. He was glad to report 50% improvement in his complaints. There was no redness and itching had reduced significantly.

He continued the treatment in 2012 and 2013 .He had similar flare up during change of weather but with every year the intensity of flare up had reduced drastically.

He reported on 7th January 2014. He reported around 75% improvement. His itching had reduced to great extent and there was no redness. Dryness of his skin had improved. His post healed hypo pigmented marks had improved around 80%.

This case shows effectiveness of homeopathic treatment in such chronic and difficult disease like Atopic dermatitis.

Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 13th February 2014.

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Results may vary from person to person

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