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Vitiligo in 8 years old girl effectively treated using homeopathy ...

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Eight years old girl J.M (Patient identification number - 13520) visited Life Force on 29th March 2010 for the treatment of Vitiligo.

Her parents had noticed a few hypopigmented spots on her chin and neck for 3 months. On examination under Woods lamp, it was confirmed to be small vitiligo spots on the chin and neck and a few upcoming spots on lips were noticed which were not visible to the naked eye.

She was taking some conventional medicines for one month without proper diagnosis, which were safely stopped. There was no family history of vitiligo. Her maternal aunt suffered from hypothyroid and her father was suffering from Hypertension.

She had marked craving for non-vegetarian food especially chicken, fish, and spicy food. Thermally she could not tolerate cold.

Emotionally she was very sensitive and obstinate.

vitiligo on face

After studying the case in detail, Dr. Rajesh Shah prescribed her research based medicine along with his constitutional medicine.

At the 2 months follow up (June 2010) Baby J.M reported with parents. After examination, it was found that that the existing spots were the same still the results were encouraging as there were no new spots or spread in the existing spots.

At the 4-month follow-up (August 2010) the existing spots on the chin and neck were better by 30% and no new spots were noticed. On examination under the Wood’s lamp it was found that the spots on lips were better by 20%.

At the 6-month follow-up (Oct 2010) the existing spots on the chin and neck were better by 70%. No new spots were noted since starting the medicines. On examination under Wood’s lamp, it was found that the spots on lips were better by 50%. She was advised to continue the medicines.

The patient did not give follow up and visited our clinic after 10 months (September 2011) Fresh details were recorded. Old spots on chin and neck were as it is since the last follow up. She had developed one dot sized new spot on back and right arm noticed for 1 month. Spots on lips were the same as previous follow up.

At the next follow up after 2 months (November 2011) Baby J.M reported no new spots in the last 2 months. Old spots on neck and chin were further better by around 80%. Recently developed spots on the back and right arm had become unnoticeable. She had been advised to continue the medicines regularly for complete recovery.

This case demonstrates the beneficial effects of Homeopathy in Vitiligo and in children. Homeopathy is the safest and best therapy for children with skin disorders in general and Vitiligo in particular.

(Case study uploaded by Dr SNB on 30/12/11)

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