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12 years old girl could find significant relief for her chronic Atopic Dermatitis within a year’s treatment.

Miss D. R. C (Patient Identification Number - 16567) visited our clinic with her parents on 29th July 2011. She had been suffering from Atopic Dermatitis since last 10 years.

It was extensively spread, almost all over her body. She complained of severe itching with dryness and skin lichenification. Her skin was very dry and rough. The complaints would increase in the winter. She was applying some ayurvedic oil, coconut oil and hydrate lotion to soothe the dry skin. She had tried Allopathic, Homeopathic and Ayurvedic medications in the past, but none had helped her.

She was a vegetarian. Her appetite was diminished. She had a dislike for spicy food. Her thirst was reduced. She was intolerant to cold weather. Her sleep would be disturbed.

She was studying in 6th std. Her father owned a medical pharmacy shop. Her mother was a home maker. She had an elder brother, studying in 12th std.

She had become irritable and cranky due to this disease. She was a brilliant and sharp student. She would always be among the toppers of her class. She used to weep easily on small matters as her school mates would not play with her. She had become short tempered. She would shout if forced to do anything against her wish. She had become a loner and would avoid playing with children. She would have to scratch her skin continiously and so she would prefer the security of her home. She had become very nervous due to her illness.

She had a history of suffering from Asthma. She had been operated for vascular ring at the age of 9 months.

She had a positive family history of paternal grandmother suffering from Eczema. Both her parents had allergic tendencies.

Her case details were analyzed by Dr. Shah in detail and she was prescribed Carcinosin 200 along with some research based medicines.

After 4 months of treatment (10.11.11) – she reported 20% improvement. The skin thickening had decreased. There was mild relief in itching and dryness. Her case was reviewed and medicines upgraded.

After another 2 months of medication (23.1.12) – she found 40% improvement. The itching and dryness had reduced considerably.

After another 3 months of treatment (23.4.12) – she reported with almost 60% improvement. The extensively spread lesions had reduced in size. The itching was better by 70%. There was neither ozzing nor any bleeding. She had some cold and cough which was managed with appropriate homeopathic medicines.

In 9-10 monhts of treatment, she is better by 70 %. There are no frequent skin outbreaks, there is no need to use steroid creams, the itching has come down very significantly and the skin all over the body is much better. She still have roughness in the traditional areas of Atopic Dermatitis, namely behind the knee and elbow folds. However the intensity of the disease has gone down drastically. She has been advised to mix freely with children of her age. She is trying to make positive changes, her confidence has been restored with the help of Homeopathy.

She has been advised to continue the medicines to recover completely.

Dr. M. N. P

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