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A young girl got completely recovered from her chronic Psoriasis with Dr. Rajesh Shah's homeopathic treatment.

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Miss. N.J (Patient Identification Number 12769) visited Life Force with her parents on 12th October 2009 for Psoriasis. She was affected by Psoriasis since last 5 months.

She was having Psoriasis affecting palms, scalp, elbows and neck. There were dry, red lesions of Psoriasis. Itching was severe on palms and scalp. It would increase due on perspiration. There were cracks on the palms. She had not taken any medicines so far for her Psoriasis. It was increasing gradually since last 2-3 months. Her parents were worried about the increase and brought her to Life Force. Her case history was taken in detail.

She had family history of Lichen Planus and Asthma. Her sister was suffering from Lichen Planus and parents were patients of Asthma.

She had average appetite. She had craving for spicy food and pulses. Thirst and bowel habits were normal. She would sweat profusely on face and scalp. She was more tolerant to cold weather. Sleep was sound.

Miss. N.J was staying in nuclear family with parents and sister. She was sincere and obedient student. She always wanted to perform her best. She had cordial relations with everyone at home and school. She was shy by nature. She could not initiate conversation with new people. She would take time to mix with others. She was jovial and would like traveling. She would share her inner emotions only with her parents and sister. Her confidence level had reduced due to Psoriasis.

Her case details were studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah and constitutional medicine was prescribed. In first two months of the treatment, there was 20% improvement in her Psoriasis. Itching and scaling were reduced by 20%. Cracks were still there. There was no further spread of her Psoriasis. Dryness was same. She had been advised to apply moisturizer 2-3 times a day to keep the lesions moist. Her feedback was studied and medicines were upgraded.

She responded very well to the homeopathic treatment, but her recovery was slow. After eight months of the treatment, on 28th May 2010, she reported 40-50% improvement in her Psoriasis. Her parents were more anxious about the slow recovery. Their anxiety was relived by explaining them the chronic and obstinate nature of Psoriasis. It was explained to them that with continued medication, she can recovered completely. They continued her treatment.

On 16th November 2010, there was some increase in her complaints. Itching and dryness had increased. There were no new spots of Psoriasis. Cold weather could have triggered her Psoriasis. Her case was reviewed and revised medicines were prescribed.

She showed slow and steady progress in her condition in all further follow ups. Medicines were upgraded in every two months, as per her feedback. On 13th October 2011, there was 80% improvement in her Psoriasis. Lesions on neck and scalp were completely reduced. Itching was there only on palms. Cracks on the palms started healing.

By 12th April 2012, she was completely recovered from her Psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a chronic and obstinate skin disease which is difficult to treat. It may take time to recover even in cases of recently developed Psoriasis, because of inherent obstinate nature of the disease. It requires patience from both the physician and patient side. With proper, regular homeopathic medicines, Psoriasis can be completely treated.


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