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Viral load reduced drastically in 5 months of homeopathic treatment in a case of Hepatitis C



Mr. S.V. (Patient Identification Number 17433), from Andhrapradesh, was suffering from Hepatitis C. It was diagnosed in September 2011.

He was having pain in abdomen and easy fatigue since last 2-3 months. He had been advised to get tested for Hepatitis C. It was detected genotype 3. His viral count was 18,29, 790 IU/ml on 17th September 2011.

He had been advised to take Interferon injections by his local physician. He was aware of the side effects of Interferon and was not in favor of taking it. While searching on internet about treatment options for Hepatitis C, he came across Life Force. He started online treatment at Life Force on 7th November 2011.

He mentioned in his questionnaire reply, that he had been given blood transfusion once in 1995. That could be the source of infection in his case.

He filled all his details in the questionnaire. His appetite was reduced in last 2-3 months. He would not feel like eating. He was having craving for sweets. Thirst, bowel habits and perspiration were normal. He was more tolerant to warm weather. Sleep was sound.

Mr. S.V was working in private company in Andhrapradesh. He was very particular about his work and would expect same from others. There was no major stress other than the health issue. He was extrovert and would like to enjoy life. He was social and helpful. He would not get stressed out easily. He would always analyze the situation and try to find out the solution.

His case details were studied by Dr. Rajesh Shah along with the reports and research based homeopathic medicines were prescribed. In the initial two months of homeopathic treatment, he showed improvement in his general condition. His appetite was improved. Pain in abdomen was better by 50%. His work stamina improved. His feedback was studied and further medicines were prescribed.

On 30th April 2012, he reported good improvement in his appetite. He did not have any abdominal pain in last 2-3 months. He had checked the viral count on 21st March 2012. It was 8,03, 519. He is still continuing the treatment.

Homeopathic medicines help to stimulate body's own immune system to fight against the infection and thus help to reduce viral count safely and gently, without any side effects.

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