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Scalp Psoriasis, frequent cold and constipation found excellent results with Dr. Shah’s treatment in a five year old girl.

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Mr. T. S. was treated successfully in the past for Lichen Planus by Dr. Shah. He visited on 21st June 2013 along with his daughter, K. T. S. to start her treatment. Her patient identification number is 21256. Since 20 days she had developed scalp Psoriasis spots on the right side of occipit, vertex and behind both the ears. The spot was mild but itchy and scaling. There were no spots on her body. She had visited a skin specialist who had given a cream to apply.

She also complained of frequent cold since birth. She would get cold once in 2 – 3 months, which would last for 10 – 15 days. She would get throat pain, fever and cold. Her parents would give her antibiotics as and when required.
She also complained of constipation few months ago which was relieved by taking enema.

She liked chocolates. Her urine, thirst, bowels, sleep were normal. She could tolerate both the extremes of temperature.

She was going in kindergarten. Her father was working in manufacturing of jewelry. Her mother was into stock broking. Her paternal grandmother was staying with them. Her grandfather had expired.

She was a playful child. She would not do things when ordered, but when spoken politely or pampered would readily obey. She was of competitive nature in studies.

Her father had suffered from Lichen Planus and was a diabetic. Her paternal grandmother also had diabetes.

Dr. Shah prescribed her few research based medicine for one month.

She visited along with her mother on 25th July for first follow up. There was mild improvement in scalp Psoriasis. The redness, itching and scaling had decreased. Since two days, she had running nose and fever, otherwise was better. The constipation was also improved.

She visited on 17th September for her next follow up. The scalp Psoriasis spot was recovered around 90%. There was no redness, scaling or itching. The acute cold episode was same but the duration of symptoms had decreased to six days as compared to fifteen days earlier. The constipation was better by 50%.

She visited on 5th November with her father. There were two new spots on the vertex and occipital region since a week. The itching and redness was mild. There was no frequent cold episode in past two months.

She visited with both her parents on 17th February. The scalp Psoriasis had completely healed. There were no spots on the scalp. No redness, itching or scaling was present. The frequent cold had also improved by 75%.

Early and mild cases respond wonderfully to homeopathy.

Uploaded on 7th March 2014 by Dr. M. N. P.

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