Lichen Planus cured completely with Dr. Shah’s homeopathy treatment.

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Thirty-two years old Mr. S. V. B. (Patient Identification Number-8584) read about Lichen Planus on the website and decided to start the treatment. He visited our clinic on 17th June 2006. He was suffering from Lichen Planus since 2004. He had lesions on genitals, both the arms and legs. He complained of severe itching and lesions were hyperpigmented. He had been taking oral, injectables and topical steroids since past two years with not much relief. Whenever he stopped conventional medicines, the lichen planus would gradually increase.

He had a good appetite and liked spicy food. He preferred cold weather.

He was working in a private company as a software engineer. His family consisted of his wife and two years old son.

He was irritable by nature. He could not tolerate any contradiction.

His father had suffered from leukemia, high blood pressure, asthma and heart attack.

Dr. Shah prescribed him Staphysagria 200c along with research-based medication after studying his case in detail.

It was explained to the patient that as he was applying cortisone liberally, hence he would require long treatment for complete recovery.

After one year of treatment in September 2007 his new lesions had stopped coming and old lesions had started healing. Initially, there was an increase in his lesions when he started the treatment as his case was dependent on cortisone. It was anticipated that whenever he would taper the cortisone it would be rebound back all the old lesions.

In December 2008 his skin lesions on arms, legs, and genitals had further improvement. He had started with oral lichen planus since two months. He complained of burning sensation while eating anything in his inner cheeks. Dr. Shah reviewed entire case and made necessary changes in his prescription.

In May 2009 he reported significant recovery. There was no itching on his lesions and hyperpigmented marks had started fading. His complained of oral lichen planus had started recovering. The burning sensation had reduced around 50%.

In 2010 he reported further improvement. His lesion on genitals had almost recovered and the lesions on arms and legs had recovered around 75%. His oral lichen planus had completely healed.

In 2011 he reported complete recovery. His lesions had healed completely on his genitals, arms, and legs. There were no new lesions and hyperpigmented marks had faded considerably. The patient was happy and relieved with this recovery.

He visited our clinic on 8th March 2014 after three years for some other complaint and reported no relapse of lichen planus.

Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 10th April 2014.

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