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Stress triggered Psoriasis found excellent recovery with Dr. Shah’s medicines.


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Thirty two years old young gentleman was introduced to Dr. Shah by one of the old patient who was treated successfully. Mr. P. J. K. (Patient Identification Number - 20507) visited Life Force on 10th January 2013. He was accompanied by a friend. He was suffering from this skin complain since past two and a half years. It had been only on both the palms which were treated with conventional medicines. He was asymptomatic for eight months then. It had relapsed back and was now on the neck as well since a month. He was not taking any treatment since a year. There was itching, scaling and redness. He was highly stressed out due to marital conflicts and they were considering a divorce.

He had gained twelve kilograms of weight in the past two years. He was advised thyroid blood check up by Dr. Shah.

He also complained of sleeplessness as all the negative thoughts would constantly disturb him.

He was vegetarian in diet. He craved junk food. He was a casual drinker. His water intake was adequate. He was more sensitive to warm weather.

He was a businessman dealing in diamonds. His father had expired four years back due to heart disease. His mother was a home maker. His wife had separated and was staying with her parents.

He had become short tempered. He would try to control his anger. The business was also stressful as he was the only one child to take care of it. On the personal front as well his equation with his wife had been tensed. He did not reveal much of this information.

His father had suffered from tuberculosis. His mother had underactive thyroid.

Dr. Shah initially gave him counseling for his personal stress and prescribed research based medicines for six weeks.

He gave an online feedback on 20th February for further medicines. It has spread and started appearing on the palms since a week. The skin was peeling and it was painful. It was itching severely. He was advised to visit the clinic. He visited on 22nd February and showed his palms lesions. They were mildly oozing with watery discharge. The spot on the neck had improved by around 70%. The sleep was improved by 20%. This time he shared his personal stress in detail with Dr. Shah. This was a positive sign of improvement. He was prescribed by Dr. Shah and advised lipid profile and thyroid blood test.

The things seemed to be resolving on his personal front. On 5th April he gave a call for feedback. He informed of it increasing even on his toes and feet. He was advised to visit the clinic and meet Dr. Shah. He visited along with his wife on the same day. The neck patch had healed completely. The palms were same but there were new patches on foot. They were itchy and painful. On examination it was mild to moderate patch. They were depressed and sad due to the spread. Dr. Shah prescribed Sulphur 30c single dose along with other research based medicines for six weeks.

He gave an online feedback on 22nd May. The patches on the palms had healed. The patches on the feet and soles were same.

He again gave an online feedback on 18th July with further improvement in palms and soles. The neck patch had completely healed. The palms had improved by 75% and soles were improved by 25%. The itching, scaling and oozing was also significantly less. He was prescribed medicines for six weeks.

He visited on 2nd April 2014, after 9 months. He had developed some rashes in the web of the fingers since twenty days. The itching was unbearable. It had triggered probably due to summer heat. He was asymptomatic with respect to Psoriasis in past nine months.

He is under our care for the recent complaints.

Uploaded on 8th May 2014, by Dr. M. N. P.


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