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Positive action of homeopathy medication in treating frequent cold without any conventional medication.

Four years old, Master. K. H. T. (Patient Identification Number-6432) visited our clinic on 21st January 2005. He was suffering from frequent cold and cough which was almost continuous. He had to vomit out the cough as it would relieve him. He complained of sneezing with cough and fever. His complaints increased since six months and he tried taking many antibiotic and nebulizer for few months but his complaints were still persistent.

He was a vegetarian and had good appetite. He liked eating sweets and chocolates. His perspiration, thirst and urine were normal. His bowel movements were satisfactory. His sleep was disturbed due to his cough. He used to wake up screaming for his mother while asleep.

He was obstinate by nature. He used to get angry easily and when his wish was not fulfilled he used to cry.
His mother and aunt also suffered from frequent cold and cough. His grandfather was suffering from asthma.

Dr. Shah prescribed him research based medication after studying his case in detail.

He reported on 8th February 2005. He had mild improvement. He still had to take conventional medication. He felt relieved when he vomited due to which he could not study properly or attend the schools as his complaints used to make him weak.

He reported on 21st October 2005. He had shown considerable improvement. His mother reported that he was around 50% better. He had frequent cold and cough once in fifteen days instead of continuous ailment. His intake of conventional medication had also reduced. His complaint of vomiting had also reduced.

He reported on 31st January 2006 with further improvement. He would still get episodes once a month and he had to take conventional medication. Dr. Shah upgraded his medication to achieve desired results.
His mother reported on 1st May 2006 that he was completely recovered. There was no episode since four months.

He reported on 29th March 2010 after four years. His mother reported that in these four years he was completely alright. He had reported with cold and cough but the intensity had reduced as compared to his first visit in 2005. He took treatment for couple of months and recovered.

He reported on 18th February 2014. His mother was happy to report that in past three years he was completely better. He had got cold and cough which was mild. Mother said as compared to 2005 he was around 80% better. The frequency of his episodes had reduced. He got such episodes once in three to four years instead of daily episodes. The intensity and duration of his illness had also reduced remarkably. He took few weeks treatment to attain complete recovery.

His mother was happy and satisfied with homeopathy treatment.

Uploaded by Dr. I. R. on 20th May 2014.

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