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Now I can wear clothes of my choice and flaunt my style as I got wonderful results in my extensive Lichen Planus with Homeopathy.

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Mr NH (PIN 15731), a 19 years old Information Technology degree student from Central part of Mumbai, India registered himself as a case of Lichen Planus. He reported on 31st march 2011 with his uncle.

He had a flat blackish-brown eruption on his hands, back, abdomen, legs and inside mouth since 3 years. He had to burn and itching all over these spots. There were 5 months remission period in these 3 years as he was on steroids. But when he stopped steroids, the lesions appeared and started increasing at a rapid pace. He said that because of these spots he could not wear clothes of his choice .

His younger sister had got very good results with Dr Shah's Homeopathy so she advised him to start with homeopathy.

Once he got registered all his details were noted. He had average food intake with craving for sweets. He was of dark complexion, overweight as compared to his height. He had gained 20 kgs weight in last 2 years. His current weight was 91 kg. He did not check his thyroid though.

He had profuse sweating specialy on his back and face. He was not able to tolerate winter season. His bladder bowel motions and sleep were normal.

He stays with his family that included elder brother, younger sister, and parents. He had good interpersonal relations with all of them. As a person he was irritable. He used to have uncontrollable anger that lead to shivering and difficulty in breathing. But he hardly used to express his anger and would cry out of anger. He was not very social, reserved and would carry on any negative feelings for long.

He never had any major illness in his past. His father had high blood pressure, Diabetes mellitus. Family history of medical illness also had Psoriasis.

Based on his details Dr Shah prescribed constitutional medicines for him on 31st March 2011. Medicines were prescribed for 6 weeks. On 13th May patient visited and said that the spread has stopped and had improvement in his mouth. Again he was prescribed medicines for 2 months.

In August 2011 he reported with many doubts in his minds regarding the efficacy of Homeopathic medicines. His LP was as it is. He did not have any improvement in his black spots. But also there was no increase in disease. The disease was stable. He was pacified by doctors and advised to keep patience and continue medicines.

Next time he was pleased to tell that his black spots were more than 80% better. His hands, abdomen, legs were almost clear. There was substantial relief in itching. Also his oral lichen planus was more than 70% better. He was accompanied by his parents for the first time who were also happy to see their child recovering.

Case study by Dr P.D.

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