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Promising result in a old patient with multiple diseases like Lichen Planus, Psoriasis and Anxiety Neurosis.

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A 63 years, retired Grade one officer from Indian petroleum company named Mr MKS (PIN 15529) reported in Life Force on 19th February 2011. He was basicaly a south Indian, but at present a resident of Mumbai since more than 15 years.

He was suffering from both Lichen Planus and Psoriasis since 5-6 months. It is a very rare combination seen in medical practice. He had blackish erruptions on his palms, soles, feet, back and scalp. The affected skin was rough, dry, and hard. Patient did not go for biopsy to confirm the exact diagnosis.

He was prescribed Steroid ointment which did not help him much. He was a known case of high blood pressure and was taking antihypertensive medicines since more than 20 years. He mentioned that he has tremendous anxiety of something unknown. This anxiety neurosis was there since 10 months. He used to become sleepless because of his anxiety.

His food and water intake was average. He had excessive craving for sweet. His digestion, sweating, urination was normal and regular. Sleep was not refreshing as he used to think a lot related to his health future etc.

He stayed with his family that included his wife, son and daughter. His inter personal relations with all family member were good. He was a honest, perfectionist, hard working, responsible person. His attachment to his family was very strong. He was anxious, irritable and always liked deciplined life.

His father died of stomach cancer when patient was in his early 20s. His mother and a paternal aunt also had cancer. Diabetes was also prominent disease in his family. Two of his uncles had Diabetes.

Based on all these details Dr Shah prescribed 6 weeks of constitutional medicines for him on 19th February 2011.

He reported in March 2011. There was increase in his itching as well as in the lesions. Other than stress no other maintaining factor were being traced. Patients anxiety was pacified and after making certain changes, Dr Shah prescribed next batch of medicines for 2 months.

With new medicines patient was happy to give his feedback in May 2011 saying that the spread has slowed down and and old lesions are 40% better. After another 2 months medicines, in June 2011 disease had come to a stand still position.

But patient along with his family member reported on 23rd July saying that the disease is more than 80% better with new batch of medicines. The lesions over feet, palms, soles and scalp were almost 80% clear. Swelling on the feet has reduced substantialy. Also that now patient could sleep better than before. There was calmness in his behaviour which was never seen before.

On 2nd september 2011 there was further improvement in the lesions. Palms were all clear. There was no swelling. No itching. The anxiety of health, unknown things had gone down. The quality of life had improved.

Thereafter also patient continued medicines and recently he visited c linic on 22nd May with mild post inflammatory marks, clear palms mild lesion on sole and scalp. He was happy with the response he got with Homeopathy and thanked Dr Shah and Homeopathy while giving his testimonial.

Uploaded by Dr. P.D. on 4 October 2012.

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