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Appreciable improvement in hyperactivity of ADHD kid with Homeopathy

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A 7.5-year-old girl, Miss. N (PIN 12384) visited Life Force Homeopathy with her parents from Texas, USA with complaints of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). 

Her ADHD was significantly observed around the age of 5 years, after the birth of her younger sister.

She had behavior problems. She used to pinch and pull the hair of other kids and was hyperactive and very aggressive. She was sensitive to bright light and loud sounds. She used to bite her nails all the time. 

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She was attached to her mother a lot. She always wanted her mother's undivided attention and would not allow her to spend time with her younger sister. She was found to be possessive of her mother. 

She constantly wanted all the attention and would not let anyone else speak. She repeated words and phrases constantly. Her anger was marked with temper and tantrums.

She also complained of severe headaches, which she used to experience three to four times a month lasting for about two hours. She could not study when she suffered headaches.
Her case was evaluated as per the homeopathic protocol. She was prescribed Dr. Shah's patented medicine for ADHD along with Lachesis 200. 

In about four weeks of the treatment, her nail-biting had stopped and her relief from the headaches was better. She now complained of a headache once in 10 days and the relief from its severity was 30% better. 

After four months of the treatment, her mother reported that she was 70% better than earlier in her hyperactive state. Her behavior had improved. She was able to concentrate better in her studies than earlier and scored well in the exams. Restlessness and hyperactivity had reduced by 50%. Her anger had reduced significantly and she had calmed down. Her parents were extremely happy with the improvement observed in her behavior. 

The child is still under our care for complete recovery and management of her condition.


Homeopathy is highly effective in treating ADHD safely without any side-effects. It helps in regulating hyperactivity and other behavior problems in ADHD kids and improves the quality of life.


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