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After 4 months of treatment, Tonsillitis reduced to 80%.


Mr. PSP aged 21 years (Patient Identification Number 15733) started online treatment for the complaint Tonsillitis. He was a student and pursuing his engineering from Chennai. So, he opted for our online treatment. He was suffering from Tonsillitis since 3 years. There was pain in both the tonsils; but right tonsil was more painful. He would often suffer from bad breath. He was not able to interact much with his friends. He would be silent most of the time and had to use mouth freshener frequently. He was frustrated because of this problem as in spite of friendly by nature he would constrict himself to be interactive. There was tonsil stone embedded in both tonsils. Whenever there was acute episode of tonsillitis; he would get fever and he reported that his tonsils were pus filled. There was strong family history of Tonsillitis. He would get Tonsillitis when he would take cold items, exposure to cold air and after taking sweets with immediate effects. He had to go for antibiotics course during acute episodes of Tonsillitis. He had ear pain during acute episode of Tonsillitis. His appetite was normal. There was marked craving for sweets and spicy food. His bowel and urination was normal. His sleep was sound. He was friendly and helping by nature. He would never like if someone would lie. He would become aggressive and would scream at that time. Dr. Rajesh Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed his researched based medicines along with his constitutional remedy. Medicines were couriered to his address. After 2 months of the medicines, there was improvement by 50%. His bad breath was better. Now, he was confident enough to interact with his friends. There was improvement in frequency of acute attacks. Earlier he would get Tonsillitis immediately after taking cold items but after the treatment there was no such immediate effect. He would get it after few days of intake of cold items with mild intensity. Reduction in tonsil stone was also noticed. After 4 months of treatment, Tonsillitis reduced to 80%. There were no tonsil stones. His immunity had improved to a great extent. He was able to gain weight. His personal life improved a lot. He was able to interact with his friends freely. By the sixth month, he was completely free from Tonsillitis. Treatment was concluded after the next two months treatment.

Uploaded on 12th Nov 2011 by Dr. VPG

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