Extensive viral warts cured completely within 4 months of homeopathy treatment...

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H.A. 29 years old (reference number: 17288) from Qatar, began with the online treatment for his viral warts. There were warts on his foot, hand, nails and also small warts on scrotum since past 4 years. This was an unusual presentation of viral warts. He was slightly obese but had an average appetite and a marked craving for fish and meat. His sleep was disturbed and would repeatedly get dreams of snakes. Based on the above history his case was evaluated according to homoeopathic protocols and he was prescribed the treatment for warts. The result was achieved within four months of treatment all the warts disappeared and he was totally cured. His treatment was therefore concluded and he was asked to report to us for any medical help in the future. This case illustrates efficacy of homeopathy for viral infection such as warts. Warts, at times, can be very difficult to treat using the conventional medicines. They are often treated by cauterization (burning with a devise). However, they are also known to return after cauterization. Also, it may be noted that cauterizing of warts around the nail and genitals is very difficult. Homeopathy offered excellent result in this case.
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