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A young gentleman found significant recovery in Polymorphous Light Eruption


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24 years old IT professional visited our center on 20th March, 2012 for his complaints of Polymorphous Light Eruption. Mr. A. P. K. (Patient Identification Number - 18628) was suffering from this skin complaint since a year. He had these lesions on his forearms and legs. There would be severe itching which would lead to bleeding on severe scratching. After a day or 2 it would turn reddish and start scaling. Then the skin would appear wrinkled, whitish and then heal. This would continuously occur since last 1 year. It would affect various areas like fore arms, arms, legs etc. It would increase more in the summer season. He had tried many allopathic treatments in the past, but nothing had helped him. He would also suffer from recurrent pilo-nidal sinus since 2 years. He would take antibiotics as and when required. His appetite was average with linking for spicy food. He would perspire profusely all over and on palms and soles. He could tolerate both extremes of temperature. He was completing his engineering studies from an esteemed institute. His father was working and mother was a home maker. His younger sister was also studying. He was short tempered and irritable in nature. He would express his anger by shouting. He had many friends and he liked to socialize with them. His father was suffering from high blood pressure. His mother was suffering from diabetes. Her sister had suffered from a pilo-nidal sinus in the past. Dr. Shah studied his case in detail and prescribed Silicea 30c single dose and Sulphur 30c single dose along with few research based medicines. He reported on 3rd May with mild improvement in the skin complaints. The eruptions had healed and new had appeared since 2 weeks. The pilo-nidal sinus was also mildly better.
He reported on 10th August with 30 – 40% improvement in his eruptions. The dryness and itching was better. He reported on 19th November, 2012 after 8 months of treatment with 90% improvement in his skin complaints. There was no itching, dryness or redness. He had recently been to Goa and played on the beach in the hot sun. Yet, there were no eruptions. This incidence made him very happy as he realised that the healing had taken place from within.
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