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Mr. G. M. S., aged 71 years (PIN NO - 7145) visited Life Force center on 15th March 2005 for his complaints of Urticaria. He was suffering from urticaria since15 years with varied frequency. There would be rashes all over the body. He would take anti-histaminic as and when required.

Recently he had been suffering from frequent cold. There would be sneezing followed by watery nasal discharge. He would take conventional medicines as and when required.

He had undergone angioplasty last year as his arteries were found to be 90% blocked. He was also having increased frequency of urination, which upon investigated was found to be due to benign enlargement of the prostrate.

His appetite was average. He liked spicy and fried food and disliked sweets and non vegetarian food. He had a habit of smoking and tobacco chewing for a long time, which he had over come a few years ago.

His sleep was disturbed due to dreams. He would dream about being poor and not achieving his set business goals.

He had his own business of exporting frozen foods. His wife was a home maker. His 2 sons were in the same business. The elder son resided in Hyderabad and the younger in Dubai. His 2 daughter’s were married and well settled.

He had lost his father in his childhood and had started to work early. He had very much struggled to set up his own business. He did not like working under anybody though he did odd jobs for few years.

He was an ambitious and goal oriented person. He was a perfectionist. He had high aims for his business and wanted to be known globally. He was optimistic and sympathetic.
He was now a leader in the frozen food business, with exports in the middle east.

His mother had suffered from tongue cancer and his father had tuberculosis.

His case was studied in detail by Dr. Shah and he was prescribed Carcinosin 200c 2 doses and Apis Mellifica 200c.

On 24th May 2005, he reported with 80% improvement in his Urticaria. He was able to stop antihistaminic since a month, without any severe relapse.

After 7 months of medication he reported complete recovery in his Urticaria. There was no episode since May. He had been able to stop his antihistaminic as well. He would occasionally feel itchy which would be self limiting.

He was continuing the medicines for other complaints. A mild relapse of Urticaria was reported on 1st July 2008. It was effectively managed by Dr. Shah.

He visited the center again on 15 December 2012.
He had come for treatment for knee pain. When inquired about his Urticaria, he said that he never got urticaria again.

Uploaded by Dr. M.N.P. on 22 December 2012.

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